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Reader Reaction: Will an end to commodity print pricing affect publishers?

Steve Sibbald, national officer, Unite "I spoke to a very important UK employer recently and he told me he was looking forward to a time when he can start offering pay rises. Of course we are looking forward...

Are you prepared for the upcoming pensions rule changes?

Gary Wallace, managing director, Wallace Print Group "It is in the diary as something to look in to; the last thing I want is for it be introduced by stealth so it’s something I know I can’t hide from....

Reader Reaction: How will the EU anti-dumping tax on CFP affect UK print?

Bob Latham, sustainability director, Paperlinx Europe "Paperlinx UK understands the reasons and arguments behind the EU’s Chinese anti-dumping duties and has been monitoring this and other trade issues...

Reader Reaction: Should Northprint move to Manchester for its next show?

David Wyvill, managing director, Platinum Print "If the show was in Manchester, we probably wouldn’t have done the deal this year [the Harrogate firm bought a Ricoh C901 Graphic Arts Edition digital press...

Will the proposed cuts to the HSE have a significant impact?

Stuart Mason, managing director, Inkshop Printing "It’s a difficult subject. Absolutely there’s too much red tape in general. I don’t doubt, like most government bodies, the HSE could cut costs significantly...

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