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Design of the times

Printers are bringing design services in-house to drive production through the press halls, with the advantage to customers that their creative work is underpinned by production, craft and cost

Untangle twin skills for better business

In today's tougher markets, effective selling strategies are a must and so modern print companies need to take a more sophisticated approach to customer relations and product promotion

Will in-house print be back in vogue?

They say print is a barometer for the economy. They're right: the mounting pressure our industry has been registering for the past few years has turned into a UK-wide tempest. However, some parts of the economy will weather the storm better than others....

A glimpse into prints future

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult. Some notable corkers from the past have included: "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible" from the president of the Royal Society (and inkjet inventor), Lord Kelvin, in 1895; and "Everything that...

Get race ready with a business tune-up

Printers can accelerate ahead in this ever more competitive market thanks to a range of tools, from handbooks to third-party consultants, to help keep up with the blistering pace of industry changes

A world of opportunity

"It's easier talked about than done. Operating in foreign lands with completely different cultures is more challenging than talking about it down the pub," says CPI UK chief executive Mike Taylor.

Profitability soars with ready money

In the most recent series of Dragons' Den, there was a memorable encounter between the dragons and Clive Billing, founder of online jewellery retailer Billing ended up turning down a 250,000 offer because he wasn't prepared to sacrifice...

Cross-media bursts into the print mix

Predictions of print's future can tend toward the bleak, and this was certainly true on 7 July in Committee Room 10 at the House of Commons. Parliamentary marketing forum The Debating Group attempted to tackle the thorny issue through a debate entitled 'The only future for print media is online'. The theme was bound to polarise, and the word 'only' proved a sticking point among attending publishers and advertisers, who rejected the motion.

Get on track to win print gold

The intense media spotlight on London 2012 has left next month's Beijing Games in its shadow. When the Chinese event begins on 8 August, the reverse may be true for our nation's sportspeople, left in the dark as rival contenders notch up far superior...

Keep control of the colour of money

They say you only appreciate some things when they're gone, and this certainly applies to ink. The ubiquitous pigment makes the difference between a blank sheet of paper and a valued printed product, but its importance as a cost variable can be lost amid...

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