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Drupa preview: consumables and ancillaries stand-by-stand

INKS AND COATINGS Bordeaux Digital Printink Hall 3, Stand B50 During Drupa, Bordeaux will demonstrate its wide range of commercial products, including its latest UV LED inks with substantial elongation...

Drupa preview: Consumables and ancillaries

Compared with ber-sophisticated, formidably sized bits of printing kit, consumables and ancillaries may not be the most exciting products on show at Drupa. But manufacturers of these products seem determined not to be upstaged by their mechanical counterparts this year. Or at least not without a fight.

Printers capsized by an endless sea of paper options

When even the paper merchants admit that choosing a paper for print can be like "walking through treacle" for customers if the right information is not provided in the sales process, it's easy to see why Anthony Thirlby, managing director at UK commercial print business ESP Colour, has decided to take that choice out of his client's hands.

Power-packed: brands battle for on-shelf impact

Faced with the combination of a cut-throat, time-sensitive, brand-promiscuous UK consumer and the plethora of product choice competition crowding the retailer shelves, high-street brands are increasingly under pressure to shout to make themselves heard.

The importance of keeping up appearances

We all know the score: organic fare is better for us and, to most palates, tastier than food that has been processed within an inch of its life. But it also costs a lot more.

OEM or third-party? Now a new force joins the inks fray

Plastered onto the high-street window display is a poster of a stunning model gazing out and dressed in this season's garb. But something is wrong. The colours have faded under the glare of sunlight and wear and the shirt, once yellow, now has a tinge of blue. You decide to move on.

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