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Has fixed-palette come of age at last?

A quarter century has passed since serious proposals were first made for six- and seven-colour process sets to replace the need for spot colour inks.

How to raise your profile or make an impression

Now that colour digital printing is ‘good enough’ for the sort of things most people want to do with it, attention is switching to the twiddly bits that catch the eye and add value to the print job.

Clever chemists cook up special FX for value-add

Historically manufacturers used to unveil new ink ranges every three to five years. Often these inks were launched to great fanfare and would accompany a new piece of hardware. However, in recent years things have changed.

Weighing up your options in the great green paper debate

Twenty years ago forests around the world were in crisis: more than 200 million hectares were lost between 1980 and 1995 in developing countries alone. In response to this alarming trend, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – a global alliance of governments, NGOs and paper and timber industry representatives – was created in 1993.

Revamps outstrip new launches as market picks up

If you look back over the four years since the last Drupa, or even the past decade, you won’t see much that’s revolutionary happening in conventional printing presses. Yet they’ve steadily become more efficient, more reliable, and their productivity has gained as a result.

Drupa stand highlights: presses, ancillaries & consumables

The second in a series of round-ups of all the launches attendees can take a closer look at at Drupa 2016.

A kinder blue

One of the theories on the origins of life on earth is that of the ‘primordial soup’, which posits that chemicals dissolved in water when hit by ultra-violet (UV) radiation from the sun reacted together, creating life.

Lessons from ink’s past teach the best of both worlds

It was Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana who came up with the aphorism “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and it’s certainly true that the past has much to teach us.

New EU regs look set to stifle mercurial talents

There are on the horizon tougher EU regulations regarding the use of hazardous substances that are targeted at some of the more troublesome elements of the periodic table, among them lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd) and mercury (Hg).

Ipex preview: presses, ancillaries & consumables stand-by-stand

Your guide to the press, ancillaries and consumables exhibitors at this year's show.

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