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Perfect storm drives ink price hikes

It’s unlikely to have escaped anybody’s attention that consumables costs have been steadily on the up lately.

Ink price hike fears grow as manufacturers’ margins shrink

While there is generally a more buoyant mood in the industry at the moment, there is an increasingly insistent murmur that ink prices may be on the rise.

Has processless reached critical mass?

Is Kodak right, and has the adoption of process-free printing plates reached a tipping point akin to that of CTP taking off?

Shotgun wedding for European paper giants?

As mega-mergers go, the potential combination of UPM and Stora Enso's European paper assets is hard to top. The resulting entity would produce 16m tonnes of paper annually, control 40% of the European market and be, by some distance, the biggest producer of newsprint and magazine grades on the continent.

Volume drop doesn't tell whole story

The news that paper volumes are in almost free-fall decline, will come as no surprise to anyone.

Keep a log of your timber or pay a towering fine

Historically, recording information on pulp and paper sources has been limited to merchants and manufacturers. New legislation will change that Words Pamela Mardle

Print & digital media will coexist for many years to come

The recent release of ABC figures regarding net circulation of magazines between July and December 2011 painted a dark picture for the print industry. The bloodbath across men's lifestyle magazines, which saw Loaded numbers fall 30% to 34,505 over the past year shocked publishers and printers alike, but the total circulation numbers elsewhere reveal that this doom and gloom outlook is somewhat superficial.

Battle lines drawn for high-speed inkjet press ink wars

With the arrival of high-speed inkjet presses that are capable of challenging offset printing in many areas, one of the comments I regularly hear concerns the cost of inkjet inks and the limited range of suppliers.

Briefing: UK print braces for impact of anti-dumping duties on CFP

Printers and paper firms are divided on the issue but many in the sector believe EU duties on Chinese imports can only send prices in one direction

Analysis: Who will carry the cost of the CFP levy?

UK printers may have to pick up the bill for anti-dumping regulations, warns Helen Morris

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