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More connectivity should usher in a smarter era

An estimated 26 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020, according to technology analyst Gartner. These include ‘smart’ fridges, and thermostats, as well as devices things like smartphones, tablets and TVs.

Quality vs cost-effective: spot the difference

When it comes to paper, the average print client is not necessarily the most educated of purchaser. It’s a difficult market to get your head around, with so many options and brands that even some printers struggle to understand it.

The only way is up: will rate rise pile pressure on print?

A lot has happened since March 2009. Back then, Gordon Brown was still Prime Minister, 2012’s Olympic fever was still years away and the economic recovery we’re in the midst of seemed like a distant fantasy.

Perfect pitch drives tender triumphs

Securing framework agreement work and preferred supplier status opens up new doors.

Going viral: using video to highlight your star quality

Dogs chasing deer, David after the dentist and sneezing baby pandas – it doesn’t take a digital genius to realise online video is now (with the latter alone garnering over 190m hits) just a bit popular.

Clearer contracts will oil the wheels for trade suppliers

Print outsourcing is a bit like Strictly Come Dancing - no one will admit to being partial to it, and yet levels of outsourcing, like ratings for Bruce and Tess, are tellingly high.

Business inspection: Catch some rays and cut energy costs

A desire to reduce its environmental impact lead this publisher down an unlikely path.

Business inspection: revamping the company culture

Joining the new culture club could motivate staff and revitalise your organisation's profits.

Leadership style: are you a multi-faceted manager?

Do you wield the whip when you should be encouraging creativity? Take our quiz to discover if you have enough strings to your leadership styles bow.

EFI is proud to sponsor the Wide-format report

As the leading pioneer in a broad range of inkjet technologies, including software, inks and production machines, EFI continues to dominate the solvent to UV-curable transition to bring more cost-effective and greener practices to manufacturing and print processes.

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