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Drupa to light way as print industry keeps advancing

At next year's Drupa, the industry's suppliers will announce, and possibly even deliver, many new or upgraded products that will give an insight into the direction that print will take in the future. Here are some of the key trends that will have an impact on what we see at next year's show:

SMEs need aid for working capital, not new equipment

Any help that can be given to SMEs is going to be worth trying. However, I can see a number of pitfalls and problems with this structure. How many businesses will actually need to go and buy new capital equipment?

"Digital printing has succeeded in increasing printing speed and quality production," says Anil Bhatia, managing director, Manroland India.

Do you think that the market is much more open to digital now than it was a decade ago, when Manroland teamed up with Xeikon? Yes, the market has steadily grown to accept the value additions that digital...

Why India makes a perfect publishing partner?

Vinutha Mallya talks about how publishers in India have started grappling with the nuances of digital publishing, print-on-demand, self-publishing, e-books, apps and enhanced e-books.

Germany could teach the UK some very important lessons

Despite its relatively high labour costs, Germany is the world's largest goods exporter after China. Much of this success is attributed to the country's legion of small and medium-sized firms, known as the Mittelstand, that are renowned for their ability to innovate and generate growth.

Big boost for secondhand sale in India

Used machines dominate the Indian market. Noel D'cunha presents the findings of a pressXchange survey that tracks trends in the used machine market in India and rest of the world, and concludes the future looks healthy for India

Battle lines drawn for high-speed inkjet press ink wars

With the arrival of high-speed inkjet presses that are capable of challenging offset printing in many areas, one of the comments I regularly hear concerns the cost of inkjet inks and the limited range of suppliers.

Reader Reaction: Will technology change the way print is being produced?

Printer CEOs tell Suhani Singh what's the best thing in processes, production and technology

Survey: The X factor that drives print in India

Print data is widely disparaged in India for getting most things wrong; and its a wonder that some of us get the number-crunching right.

Learn the lessons of Impact or history will repeat itself

I have to take issue with the PrintWeek editorial of 9 September, which basically concluded that the reason for the proposed closure of Impact has nothing to do with the 20-week dispute that has taken place there, but was in fact because the company was not - and maybe never had been - a viable operation.

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