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Does progress mean it’s time to allow APP in from the cold?

Just over a year on from Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) announcement of the implementation of its forest conservation policy (FCP), which centres on a moratorium on all natural forest clearance activities in Indonesia, organisations that had previously turned their backs on the company are starting to take notice.

Improving outlook tempts printers to re-equip and diversify

Positivity is in the air. Unemployment is at a four-year low, the economy is beginning to gain traction (the Office for Budget Responsibility expects economic growth to reach 2.4% this year) and with it there appears to be an uplift in business confidence.

DM sector up in arms over postcode file access proposals

It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive database of its kind in the UK, holding details of more than 29m business and residential addresses, and for many it is invaluable. Few in the direct marketing industry would dispute this, which is where consensus all but ends on Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF).

Lack of clarity confuses argument over zero-hours contracts

The row over the so called zero-hours contract (ZHC) has gained traction in recent weeks, not least thanks to a survey published by Unite on 8 September, ahead of the TUC Congress in Bournemouth last week.

Businesses turn to social forums for fresh opportunities

There's a revolution going on in the land of print, and it involves no ink on paper at all. Despite a slow start, the printing industry is now embracing social media with gusto, especially when it comes to buying and selling kit.

Osborne backs business but faltering growth needs action

While the coalition's efforts to tackle the tricky subject of welfare reform have been filling column inches ever since last month's Budget, the lack of significant debate on the more important task of helping business and getting the economy moving again is indicative of the fact that the chancellor probably did just enough in this department to avoid opprobrium.

AR offers a means to put value back into printed products

Exploding labels, barking magazines, personal catwalks in your living room... Until now this level of interaction through the traditional medium of print has been a fantasy, but now the printed page is literally being brought to life through the use of augmented reality (AR).

Market for B2 digital presses begins to gain definition

B2 digital presses have been a long time coming but now appear to be getting off to a good start, with news last week that one of the HP Indigo UK beta sites, Pureprint, had ordered a second machine.

Industry calls for clarity over HSE's 'inflexible' FFI scheme

SMEs up and down the country are furious over proposals to levy an hourly fee for investigating H&S breaches at the discretion of HSE inspectors

SMEs must match and outdo the big players' capabilities

In print management, there is opportunity for the SME that can match the language, presentation and technology of the big players and offer something different.

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