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Kodak and Xerox lead the fight against the counterfeiting that blights print

On foreign trips to places like China, many of us delight in haggling for apparently branded goods in the street markets. This is for items we obviously know to be fakes such as Rolex watches and French perfumes, but also for products such as designer shirts and shoes that are most likely made in the same factories as the high-priced goods we buy at home. And thats not to mention pirated items such as CDs.

Directors, beware: the Companies Act will change the way you do business

Heard the one about the law with 1,300 sections and 16 schedules containing rules that come into force on 1 October? Well, its no joke and if you havent done so you should be looking at the Companies Act unless you want a punchline with the words fine and disqualification.

Rocketing inflation and a strong pound mean tough times for manufacturing

Theres no such thing as a certainty in economics, but if there was it would be that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will raise interest rates at its meeting next week.

Canadian flexo & height charts

Joanne Gardner tracks down the solutions to your print problems

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