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Me & my: Horizon SPF/FC-200A bookletmaker

Swindon. Home to the infamous 'magic roundabout', a baffling experience for the casual visitor to the town.

Me & my: Duplo Digital System 5000

In terms of equipment, Telford-based Precision Colour Printing (PCP) has always resided very firmly in the heavyweight division. Producing magazines, brochures, booklets and catalogues for a range of high-profile clients, such as Liberty of London and Future Publishing, it has always employed giants of the pressroom, such as a 16pp Komori System 38 and a 32pp Manroland Rotoman, to out-box the opposition. However, this dominance of heavy metal has begun to change.

Horizon VAC-Turbo 100

Tony Matterson, managing director of The Ark Group, loves his fast collator for the quick turnaround work now in his grasp

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