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Legends in print

With 120 years of history behind it, Arsenal Football Club has a tradition as long as its winning record. Formed when a group of workers at the Royal Arsenal armament factory at Woolwich decided to make up a football team in 1886, the Gunners moved to Highbury in 1913, and were voted into the Football Leagues First Division after the First World War.

Packing in the nicotine habit

A habit first acquired by many Brits behind the bike-sheds is rapidly back-pedalling there. Light up a fag in a pub, restaurant, office or even the company car, and itll now cost a lot more than the 5 or thereabouts an estimated 10m smokers shell out for a packet of 20.

Rebranding a media giant

The battle between Richard Bransons Virgin Media and Rupert Murdochs Sky was undoubtedly the biggest media story of the year so far. For weeks, Sky and Virgin locked horns in a battle over channel rights, which led to angry missives from each group being covered in the press.

Proof positive

Readers Digest is the first publisher to implement an entirely paperless proofing system from repro supplier Colour Systems.

Perfect print, just in time

Just-in-time (JIT) supply is commonplace in the retail sector, but less so in the print industry. The principle of delivering goods as they are required removes the need for local warehousing, but increases pressure on production and logistics. It also means the client only pays for the print used, with the supplier carrying the costs of over-production. Yet these two concepts cement the relationship between Elanders Hindson (EH) and its client, vehicle manufacturer Land Rover.

The art of the possible

Quality was the keyword for Beacon Press when it produced a compendium of the works of artists Gilbert & George.

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