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Everybody's talking about... bespoke qualifications

As part of its Sector Qualifications Strategy (SQS), Proskills, the sector skills council for process and manufacturing industries, is hoping to develop the qualifications needed in its sectors. The SQS aims to identify who the strategy will benefit,...

How to... minimise your environmental impact

Minimise CO2 emissions from deliveries by optimising  delivery schedules. Try to implement a ‘full in, full out’ logistics policy, by returning empty pallets for re-use or the collection of raw materials...

How to... buy paper responsibly

Buy from a reputable paper merchant or printer that takes environmental care seriously. They are the most likely to assure the source of the fibre and the environmental performance of the paper mill Refer...

30-second debate - Do big international print trade fairs have a future?

With the escalating cost of exhibiting and with more vendors announcing new equipment outside of big exhibitions such as Drupa, some say the days of the massive international trade fair are numbered .

How to... make a green team work

Designed to be a ‘bottom-up’ mechanism to get ideas and best practice from the people who are closest to the activity, green teams can act like local heroes and motivate their department’s staff A green...

Starter for 10... effective interviewing techniques

Many hiring decisions are based on how the employer ‘feels’ about a candidate, but gut feelings should not be the primary deciding factor Each interview should have a sense of purpose. Effective interviewing...

Everybody's talking about... data sharing

How is our personal information used, who holds it and what impact is the sharing of personal data having? These are some of the issues in July's Government Data Sharing Review, which concluded there was a lack of transparency in the way firms deal with personal information. Among its recommendations was the abolishment of the edited electoral register. How has the direct mail industry reacted?

Starter for 10... Workplace Design

10 top tips to improve workplace design...

Legends in print

With 120 years of history behind it, Arsenal Football Club has a tradition as long as its winning record. Formed when a group of workers at the Royal Arsenal armament factory at Woolwich decided to make up a football team in 1886, the Gunners moved to Highbury in 1913, and were voted into the Football Leagues First Division after the First World War.

Packing in the nicotine habit

A habit first acquired by many Brits behind the bike-sheds is rapidly back-pedalling there. Light up a fag in a pub, restaurant, office or even the company car, and itll now cost a lot more than the 5 or thereabouts an estimated 10m smokers shell out for a packet of 20.

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