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Business inspection: There’s no home like your own

Buying the factory it rented for the past 15 years has given Wallace Print security, stability and further scope for business expansion.

Accounting for more adventurous tastes

Historically report and accounts (R&A) brochures used to be drab affairs consisting of a cover bearing a company logo and little else, followed by numerous pages of impenetrable numbers. Colour was used sparingly. Images were virtually non-existent beyond the obligatory pic of a rather severe looking CEO.

Around the world in 8 prints

Print is constantly being challenged to push the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure that it maintains its key position in the marketing mix. As the following examples from the past 12 months show, printers worldwide are doing their bit to ensure the medium remains relevant.

Print buyers seek out their perfect partners

“It’s a lot like online dating,” said Kathy Sletten, print manager at Estée Lauder, at a recent ‘An Audience with the Print Buyers’ talk. She was referring, slightly bizarrely you might think, to the relationship between printer and print buyer.

'All you high flyers, ignore the cliff edge at your peril'

Bob Jenkins suddenly realised his head felt hot. Unusually hot. "It was not," he says "the sort of feeling you get with a normal headache. It was like imagining a saucepan full of simmering water, with a broken egg in it. The egg was my brain."

Purchasing the best of both: a guide to M&As

Acquisitions have a murky reputation, as we have all seen too many pre-pack administrations to feel at ease with the subject. Do it well, though, and merging with another firm could be your best move yet

Why you must give qualifications the third degree: print training interrogated

The last UK university print course closed in 2012. Many argue that on-the-job training is now the only answer, but others say this is costly and takes too much time. So, could there be another way?

Food fuels a clear strategy for growth: Polyprint business inspection

Breaking into the food packaging market made tough demands on Polyprint, but it has revitalised the firm and helped ensure its survival

Rising to the top when it's sink or swim

Cambrian was badly hit by flood damage six months ago. Thanks to dedicated staff, the firm stayed afloat and is "very much above" water level

Find the superhero to make your company soar

Creating a new job role can be just as stressful as applying for one. But your business could seriously boost its ROI by focusing on people investment rather than equipment investment

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