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After 51 years and over 1,000 articles, Tribute bids farewell

Print has always been a challenging and changing sector - and Andy Tribute has seen it all. Now, he says, it's time to step down and take stock of all he's learned

Print industry takes a stand against tobacco packaging legislation

Lobbying has postponed a consultation on proposals to introduce plain tobacco packaging. Printers say it's essential to keep fighting to save jobs

Smaller print managers must be smart to stay in the game

At the IPIA annual conference in Leeds last week, BSkyB's head of print management Mark Cruise addressed an audience of print managers and trade printers and outlined the reasons behind Sky's decision to bring its print management in house.

Will the Children and Families Bill cost jobs in printing?

The Queen's Speech last week confirmed that the Children and Families Bill would be the latest legislation to attempt to make parental leave more flexible - most notably giving fathers increased rights to share leave with mothers.

Has higher education shut the door on print apprentices?

Leeds City College's decision to close its in-house print facility is yet another blow for print industry training, especially when set against a decade of decline in the number of skills-based print courses available in the UK.

Technology patents: worth the paper they're printed on?

Last week, inventor Michael Wilcox stood outside of the Houses of Parliament and set fire to a patent for an 'innovative colour printing technology', claiming it had been made worthless after, he alleged, a number of print and packaging companies infringed his patent.

PrintCity shows survival instinct in face of member's woes

The bonds of the PrintCity Alliance have been creaking of late. The insolvency of one its founding members at the end of last year - six months from Drupa - could not have come at a worse time. Manroland's administration resurrected questions over PrintCity's role in a world where Heidelberg has retrenched to its core technology, sheetfed offset. It also raised the question of what PrintCity might look like without Manroland, and whether such a slimmed-down organisation could survive?

'We are all in it together': how print can prosper this year

While 2012 has started much as the previous year left off - with the inevitable redundancies, closures and administrations - it is important to maintain some perspective, and there is much to look forward to in the 12 months ahead.

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