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The brains of your printing business

UK printers first started using management information systems (MIS) in the 1980s. At the time the software was pretty rudimentary, recalls Keith McMurtrie, managing director at Tharstern, who describes those early systems as “barely more than a calculator”.

Why buying secondhand could be your first choice

There’s no such thing as a cheap machine,” cautions Mark Sheldrick, managing director of secondhand specialist DPM. That said, there is no doubt that the canny printer working with the right partners can significantly reduce its capital expenditure without exposing themselves to undue risk by choosing used equipment.

Tips for a surer footing in the buyer’s balancing act

Buying print is not easy. Even with a working knowledge of the complexities of putting ink on paper, there are always going to be trip wires hidden in the shadows.

Buyers' Guide: Pressroom consumables

While low-cost chemicals may appeal, they could increase costs in the long term, warns Noli Dinkovski

Buyers' Guide: Platesetters: 2-up, 4-up & 8-up

Unlike much of the industry, platesetter manufacturers enjoyed a strong 2010 as newer, faster machines become essential, writes Noli Dinkovski

Buyers' Guide: Folders & folder gluers

As they become more automated and easier to use, folders are increasingly seen as an essential part of any printer's set-up, writes Noli Dinkovski

Buyers' Guide: Personalisation software

Rather than treating online media as a potential rival, savvy printers are using both print and digital to better effect, writes Noli Dinkovski

Buyers' Guide: Guillotines & materials handling

Guillotines play a vital role in any print outfit so ensuring they function slickly and in tempo with the rest of the operation is key, discovers Noli Dinkovski

Buyers' Guide: Gloss art papers

It may not be the trendiest stock, but when it comes to producing high-end magazines, you can't beat a bit of gloss, writes Noli Dinkovski

Buyers' Guide: High-volume mono digital presses

While they may not be as sexy as their colour counterparts, nothing can touch these presses for cost-effective production, writes Noli Dinkovski

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