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Drupa to light way as print industry keeps advancing

At next year's Drupa, the industry's suppliers will announce, and possibly even deliver, many new or upgraded products that will give an insight into the direction that print will take in the future. Here are some of the key trends that will have an impact on what we see at next year's show:

Germany could teach the UK some very important lessons

Despite its relatively high labour costs, Germany is the world's largest goods exporter after China. Much of this success is attributed to the country's legion of small and medium-sized firms, known as the Mittelstand, that are renowned for their ability to innovate and generate growth.

To be useful, a DRP disaster plan must be updated regularly

Often a disaster recovery plan (DRP) focuses on preventative actions, with documentation written as a necessary chore to satisfy insurance companies, then filed away, to provide false comfort and no real benefit to the business.

Learn the lessons of Impact or history will repeat itself

I have to take issue with the PrintWeek editorial of 9 September, which basically concluded that the reason for the proposed closure of Impact has nothing to do with the 20-week dispute that has taken place there, but was in fact because the company was not - and maybe never had been - a viable operation.

A step in the right direction, but UK must strive for more

The government has decided to fast-track a new EU Late Payment Directive standardising 30-day invoice payments following a recent debate in the House of Commons. The new rules will come into force in the UK in 2012 - a year ahead of the rest of Europe.

Reader Reaction: How much impact will the new legislation have on print?

Mark Snee, Managing director, Technoprint "This should have been brought in a long time ago and it should be made a legal entitlement to receive interest after 30 days. We have already taken a much tougher...

Cost of new laws will put workers' jobs in jeopardy

The Agency Workers Directive is a prime example of how dysfunctional our relationship with the EU has become. The government has made it clear time and time again that it wants to cut red tape so businesses can grow and create jobs. But instead it is going to preside over a massive new labour market regulation that will put people out of work.

New regs represent the bare minimum of workers' rights

When it comes to wages and conditions for UK workers, agency staff are invariably at the bottom of the pile. They are also the workers most likely to be exploited and, in some cases, abused.

Is Heidelberg covering its bases or hedging its bets?

It's taken Heidelberg over five years in development to bring on-stream the largely home-grown Linoprint DoD reel-to-reel digital inkjet solution.

Lending and investment will return to changed landscape

To my mind, the three key UK factors that have hampered growth since the recession are lack of funding, end of the housing bubble and the stodgy state of the public sector. Other elements have come into play, such as rises in commodity prices as emerging...

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