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Publishers must accept price rises to ensure supply base

UK web offset is facing unprecedented challenges. This year, some of the main players have been forced to take previously unthinkable actions. Polestar came close to insolvency and had to enact a radical financial restructuring, and St Ives, the old bellwether of the sector, has exited altogether.

Many schemes available to help print plan for changes

The government is introducing far-reaching changes to the pension landscape which will impact on every UK employer and have cost implications for most. In a nutshell, every employer with one employee upwards will be required by law to automatically enrol...

Measures re-establish level playing field in EU markets

The result of the EU's investigations into Chinese trade practices in the coated fine paper market is a landmark decision. This is the first time ever we have put in place measures against the strategic and targeted subsidisation of a specific industry by the Chinese government.

A buzzing hub of inspiration & ideas, Northprint is back

At a time when the industry is still facing a host of challenges, the reinvigorated Northprint has been completely vindicated. We believe Northprint plays a part in returning confidence to the sector - people are looking for change and printers need to reinvest one way or another in their businesses.

Look out publishers, web is finally standing up for itself

BGP's decision to take (probably) its first stand on price, has resulted not only in Future packing its mags for the West Midlands, but also sparked a quiet revolution in the web offset market. Whisper it softly, but the next time you hear about price rises, it might just be the printers that are instigating them.

Northprint interview: Bryan Godwyn and Tony Hards - Intelligent Finishing Systems

Intelligent Finishing Systems joint managing directors Bryan Godwyn and Tony Hards talk to PrintWeek editor Darryl Danielli on life post Litho Supplies and the funding crisis.

An opportunity to make our regulation concerns known

'One in, one out' was how the government first defined its approach to the emotive subject of regulation. With the launch of its new Red Tape Challenge on 7 April, though, this has now become a new drive to cut the number of regulations overall.

Northprint interview: Stephen Palmer - Ricoh UK

Ricoh UK production print director Stephen Palmer talks to PrintWeek editor Darryl Danielli about the firm's partnership with Heidelberg and the key issue of financing digital kit.

Northprint interview: Norman Revill - Manroland GB

Norman Revill, managing director of Manroland GB spoke to PrintWeek editor Darryl Danielli on the eve of Northprint to discuss his hopes for the show and print's hot topic: partnerships, both his firm's and rivals.

Cutting HSE funds will result in more accidents at work

Our concerns about the government's approach to health and safety is based on research and our experience of past cuts in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that led to fewer inspections, less enforcement and a consequent increase in accidents and ill-health at work.

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