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Statement improves business support but lacks real reform

Much like the curate’s egg, George Osborne’s final Autumn Statement of this parliament contained good and bad news in fairly equal measure.

Is digital cutsheet about to take off?

Among the proliferation of print-related conferences, IMI has maintained a reputation for providing a mix of new technologies and their application that reflect on functional developments, while providing clues about what’s on the cusp of moving into the graphic arts mainstream.

Big H clarifies position on post-press

When Heidelberg announced in August that it was exiting the saddlestitching and perfect binding market, and moving to an OEM model in some of its other post-press operations, it seems some people got the wrong end of the stick.

The UK will never be the same again, whatever the outcome

This Thursday, some 4m Scottish residents will head to the polling booths to answer a simple yes or no question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

Don’t write off DM yet, it’s getting smarter, not just smaller

On the face of it, last month’s annual Ofcom Communications Market Report would have made pretty grim reading for the print industry: volumes are down, direct mail spend is down and the CWU is issuing dire predictions about the future of the universal service.

Has processless reached critical mass?

Is Kodak right, and has the adoption of process-free printing plates reached a tipping point akin to that of CTP taking off?

Mergers and acquisitions return to pre-downturn levels

The past quarter brought such a flurry of global M&A activity that, with two weeks still to go, it had already reached a level not seen since 2007. In Europe, it was the busiest quarter for at least two years and that was reflected in print and packaging where there was a 300% hike in the number of reported deals versus Q1 and a 150% increase year-on-year.

Government details plans to tackle late payments to SME

Late payment from customers to suppliers is an ongoing problem that can have severe consequences for small businesses. Not being paid on time hurts companies financially because it creates cashflow issues that are sometimes impossible to recover from.

Can Xerox secure the inkjet crown?

How about this for a stat? Last year, Xerox sold a record number of iGens. Who knew?

Does progress mean it’s time to allow APP in from the cold?

Just over a year on from Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) announcement of the implementation of its forest conservation policy (FCP), which centres on a moratorium on all natural forest clearance activities in Indonesia, organisations that had previously turned their backs on the company are starting to take notice.

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