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Is a ‘Brexodus’ depleting UK factories of vital workers?

UK manufacturers are struggling to plug a workforce gap resulting from high employment levels and dwindling numbers of EU workers.

Bob’s your uncle... and also finance director on weekdays

While the idea of working with relatives might not appeal to everyone, family-run firms continue to thrive in the print landscape, with many among the industry’s most successful names.

Teens Shine at print media awards

The medium is alive and well. Stationer’s Hall showcased the best UK school magazines. Words Max Goldbart

Industry figures see Brexit as a challenge and opportunity

On the 23 June in an act of pure democracy, the UK electorate went to the polls to cast their votes on whether to remain part of or to leave the European Union and forge a new chapter in the nation’s history. It was a close call, but with just 48% voting to remain, the Leavers had it. The public had spoken. We’re out.

Tudor rebrands to promote its non-bookbinding work

A specialist print finisher and bookbinder in the Midlands is rebranding to better promote its labour-intensive and oversized services.

Statement improves business support but lacks real reform

Much like the curate’s egg, George Osborne’s final Autumn Statement of this parliament contained good and bad news in fairly equal measure.

Is digital cutsheet about to take off?

Among the proliferation of print-related conferences, IMI has maintained a reputation for providing a mix of new technologies and their application that reflect on functional developments, while providing clues about what’s on the cusp of moving into the graphic arts mainstream.

Big H clarifies position on post-press

When Heidelberg announced in August that it was exiting the saddlestitching and perfect binding market, and moving to an OEM model in some of its other post-press operations, it seems some people got the wrong end of the stick.

The UK will never be the same again, whatever the outcome

This Thursday, some 4m Scottish residents will head to the polling booths to answer a simple yes or no question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

Don’t write off DM yet, it’s getting smarter, not just smaller

On the face of it, last month’s annual Ofcom Communications Market Report would have made pretty grim reading for the print industry: volumes are down, direct mail spend is down and the CWU is issuing dire predictions about the future of the universal service.

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