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Can Xerox secure the inkjet crown?

How about this for a stat? Last year, Xerox sold a record number of iGens. Who knew?

Does progress mean it’s time to allow APP in from the cold?

Just over a year on from Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) announcement of the implementation of its forest conservation policy (FCP), which centres on a moratorium on all natural forest clearance activities in Indonesia, organisations that had previously turned their backs on the company are starting to take notice.

Innovation – it’s part of the package

Packaging has been pinpointed by many in the trade as one of the most robust areas of print production when it comes to current and future growth, not least because packaging – whether it’s promotional, protective or performing some other function – isn’t about to be replaced by lines of code on a screen anytime soon. Or indeed ever.

Funding difficulties leave printers asking if scheme is viable

With the government continuing to pump money into the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) faster than it can be spent by either the BIS or the intermediaries through which the vast majority of funds are distributed, it is perhaps surprising to learn that the scheme is becoming less and less generous, to the point that some printers are now turning their backs on what is ostensibly free money.

Concerns grow over apprenticeships

On the government’s ongoing plans to reform apprenticeships, training guru Jonathan Ledger has cautionary words for printers toying with training: “Be careful what you wish for.”

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