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Overmatter: Print & passion

In these uncertain times perhaps the soothing act of reading a good book can provide balm for stressed-out souls. And what could be better than a fascinating book about a printing heyday of the past to take one’s mind off political turmoil and what the £/€ rate will be next week?

Overmatter: hidebound, not!

By way of a complete contrast with the last Overmatter column, which looked at the macabre practice of anthropodermic bibliopegy, we now turn to a rather more 21st-century topic that will be music to the ears of vegan bibliophiles.

Overmatter: Bristol's binding blood lust

Overmatter is rather disturbed after learning about what must surely be the country’s most macabre printing artefact.

Overmatter: What the Dickens?

Overmatter hates it when the dread phrase ‘printing error’ is used to inaccurately blame the poor old printer for someone else’s foul-up.

Overmatter: trolling the trolls

Well-known Arsenal fan Piers Morgan, the man so many people seem to love to hate (Overmatter cannot imagine why) seems to have met his match in the face of wildly popular Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

Overmatter: letterpress with edge

Overmatter just loves a freebie. Especially when it’s in the shape of a beautifully put together book on letterpress print.

Reader Reaction: Can smaller printers succeed in the digital books sector?

David Taylor, senior, vice-president, Lightning Source "The capital costs are high and in this day and age obtaining finance is never easy. It’s a fiercely competitive market and there is a lot of downward...

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