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IPIA event addresses GDPR concerns

Everything Is Possible In Print’, is the theme of an event held each year by the Independent Print industries Association’s (IPIA) in London, the 2018 edition of which took place last week.

Fundraising plans could benefit DM

Printers that produce charity mailings could see their volumes increase following an imminent overhaul in the ways charities will be allowed to contact members of the public who sign up to a new register.

The strength of the SMP points to a positive future for DM

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) is having a makeover. The partnership was first launched back in 2008, to give mailing houses more of a say in the future of the industry.

Kathy’s legacy lives on

The death of the BPIF chief executive left the industry bereft of one of its most persuasive and positive voices and much saddened by the loss.

‘Digital-first’ isn’t the end of print

Those reading a sentence like this one for the first time in print, rather than on a smartphone, tablet or other digital device, will soon be in the minority. Modern society is in the process of transition, from ‘print-first’ to ‘digital-first’, and the advertising and communications markets are no exception.

Government details plans to tackle late payments to SME

Late payment from customers to suppliers is an ongoing problem that can have severe consequences for small businesses. Not being paid on time hurts companies financially because it creates cashflow issues that are sometimes impossible to recover from.

Fespa organisers point out 16,766 reasons to be cheerful

If after this year’s Ipex anyone was fearful that the days of the big European shows were drawing to a close, then it’s safe to say that last week’s Fespa Digital in Munich was a welcome fillip.

Upbeat BPIF Outlook reflects spring thaw

Demand up, input costs under control, and fewer firms in severe financial distress; while not exactly in full bloom during this year’s early onset of spring, the printing industry showed overall signs of health in a period not normally known for its growth, the first quarter of the year.

Does progress mean it’s time to allow APP in from the cold?

Just over a year on from Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) announcement of the implementation of its forest conservation policy (FCP), which centres on a moratorium on all natural forest clearance activities in Indonesia, organisations that had previously turned their backs on the company are starting to take notice.

Smaller print managers must be smart to stay in the game

At the IPIA annual conference in Leeds last week, BSkyB's head of print management Mark Cruise addressed an audience of print managers and trade printers and outlined the reasons behind Sky's decision to bring its print management in house.

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