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Turn over a clean sheet

Paper companies: innocent victims of bad debt or perpetrators of print's downward spiral for selling to sub-prime printers? Whatever your stance, a healthy business relationship with merchants is vital

Wolfgang Harles passes away age 61

Wolfgang Harles, the former Haymarket group production manager, has died aged 61 after a long illness.

Untangle twin skills for better business

In today's tougher markets, effective selling strategies are a must and so modern print companies need to take a more sophisticated approach to customer relations and product promotion

It's time to get tough with customers

I began writing this column on a day when the best part of 4,000 job losses were announced across a plethora of UK businesses. This was followed swiftly by the quarterly Bellwether report on marketing spend, which revealed budgets were being slashed on...

How to stay lean and active in 2009

Well here we are at the new year, traditionally a time to look ahead positively and plan for a brighter, healthier future. Five-a-day, no ciggies, less booze, that sort of thing. One thing's for sure, diet or no diet, the UK printing industry will be somewhat slimmer in 2009. But will it be any healthier?

Check your specs

Equipped with an open mind and an open chequebook, printers face an increasing array of options when selecting a new sheetfed press. Even apparently straightforward decisions, such as sheet size, require greater scrutiny nowadays, as evidenced by Ryobi's...

Benefit from better buying

CPI chief executive Mike Taylor spoke about the importance of good purchasing practice at the Vision in Print 'How to thrive in a print recession' conference.

XGS slammed over 'disgraceful' administration charge

Xerox Global Services is facing a backlash from UK web offset suppliers over an unexpected administration charge levied in its tendering process.

Taking stock of your greatest assets

People. They're a nightmare, aren't they? They can be confrontational. Awkward. Lazy. Some of them have a seemingly unfeasible number of dead or dying grandparents, so they have lots of funerals to attend; you'd be an utter bully to say they couldn't...

A glimpse into prints future

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult. Some notable corkers from the past have included: "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible" from the president of the Royal Society (and inkjet inventor), Lord Kelvin, in 1895; and "Everything that...

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