Star product: Soyang SoDecor wallpaper

Simon Eccles
Monday, April 4, 2016

New material capitalises on burgeoning home decor trend.

What is it?

SoDecor is a new range of European-made printable media for interior decoration. The various media are suited to printing by most wide-format inkjet inks. The focus in this piece is the SoMagic fabric-based wallcovering in particular as it will be the centre piece of the range launch by Soyang Europe at the Sign & Digital UK show in Birmingham from 19 to 21 April. 

The range will also include self-adhesive vinyl, floor coverings, canvas, magnetic media and substrates intended for decorating other surfaces. Soyang’s slogan is ‘every surface covered’. The range also has Class 0 fire rating for public spaces.

When was it launched at what market is it aimed at?

Mark Mashiter, managing director of Soyang Europe, says the range is being launched at Sign & Digital UK because it is primarily aimed at companies with existing wide-format hardware who are considering diversifying into other areas. “Beyond traditional branding and signage, the SoDecor range opens the door to interior decoration and a really untapped market,” he says.

The company expects its customers to be targeting both commercial and home decor markets. “As more and more of people’s life becomes personalised, bespoke decoration for the home has become a burgeoning market,” states Mashiter. “Signmakers can attract clients with varied needs, from simple wall art to whole room redecoration with the entire project being personalised.”

On the commercial side, the hospitality and entertainment sectors are already adopting customised digital print for personalising or regionalising decoration in hotels, bars and restaurants. “As more and more people realise the possibilities of customising their home and work environments, so the demand will increase,” Mashiter predicts.

“Thinking more creatively about what you can offer your customers can bring significant revenue benefits,” he says. “Interior decor is a market that’s growing through customer demand and the SoDecor range enables printers to deliver solutions for a broad array of customers.”

How does it work?

SoMagic is intended for roll-fed inkjets, naturally enough. A rewinder on the delivery is needed too. It’s a coated polycotton fabric with an ink receptive outer layer. There’s a choice of 11 texture finishes, such as canvas, dapple, linen and sand. The company says that printing is no different to working with common wide-format media such as vinyl or banner material. 

There’s a choice of PVC or non-PVC base media: the PVC being more washable which is important for commercial use such as restaurants and hotels. Both types are compatible with all common wide-format inks except aqueous. 

The standard roll width is 1,060mm, twice the common domestic width of 530mm. It would be easy to slit this if the narrower width is needed. Soyang will also introduce wider materials up to 3.2m for wide-format printers. 

This is a conventional pastable material, not self-adhesive. It is dimensionally stable so can accept pastes without sagging. Soyang can supply SoDecor Digital Base Adhesive in five-litre tins, which is formulated specially for the media. 

What’s the USP?

Mainly the special coating that accepts most inks, and the dimensionally stable base material. 

Soyang sees this as a range of complete solutions that allow printers to break into new markets. 

What is the support?

No special training is needed at the printing stage, and anyone who can hang wallpaper will be able to apply it. All the media are supplied with hanging materials, and Soyang can supply compatible adhesives. Stocks are held in the firm’s warehouse in Altham, Lancs, for next-day shipping. 

How much does it cost?

Prices vary from £2.70/m2 to £3.85/m2

What’s the sales target?

“This is difficult to answer as the indoor decoration market is expanding dramatically with the high volume of latex and UV printers being installed,” says Mashiter. 

“We would expect our sales of wall covering product to exceed £1m as printers and end-clients embrace the potential of having bespoke designed interior decor.” 


Roll width 1,060mm

Roll length 50m

Core diameter 76mm

Weights 185gsm (non-PVC base), 275gsm (PVC base)

Ink compatibility Solvent, eco solvent, latex, UV

Price From £2.70/m2 to £3.85/m2

Contact Soyang Europe 0161 765 3400 


Papergraphics Digital Décor

Papergraphics’ Digital Décor is a large range of UK-made digital friendly wallcovering media, including the Muramour paper-backed material and the higher-end long-life Digimura fabric-based material (with Class 0 fire rating for public spaces). There’s a large choice of weights, textures and finishes, including metallics. Some materials are ready-pasted. 

Weights From 170 to 350gsm

Widths Mostly 1,300mm

Lengths Mostly 30m, some 90m

Ink compatibility Solvent, eco solvent, latex, UV (not all media accept all inks)

Price £2.40/m2 (Muramour all types); £3.95/m2 (Digimura 1.1 uncoated all types); £4.77/m2 (Digimura 2.1 smooth coated); £7.21/m2 (Digimura 2.1 textured coated). 

Contact Papergraphics 0845 1300 662

Phototex Digital Wallpaper

Landor is the UK distributor for the Korean made Photo Tex, a polyester fabric based wallcovering with a repositionable adhesive. Landor calls it Phototex. The selling point is that the fabric can be removed and reused, even after years, without marking the underlying wall. SRA3 sheets are sold for POS type work. 

Widths From 610 to 1,524mm

Length 30m

Ink compatibility Aqueous/latex, solvent, eco solvent, UV 

Prices £167.45 for 610mmx30m (aqueous inks); 1,067mmx30m £272.34 (solvent inks)

Contact Landor UK 01252 624411


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