Star product: Ryobi 760E

Tom Allsop
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This compact B2 press is designed to suit the demand for shorter runs and, according to the manufacturer, offers efficiency boosts too

When was it launched?

Ryobi first released information on the 760E after Drupa and then launched the production models at the end of October. Neil Handforth, sales and marketing director at Ryobi’s UK distributor Apex Digital Graphics, says: "We’ll be seeing the first deliveries of the machine early next year."

What is it?
The 760E is a B2 litho press that can be configured from two to six colours and as either a straight or perfecting press, with a top speed of 13,000sph. It uses a single-sized plate, single-sized blanket and a double-sized impression cylinder. This is set in a ‘seven o’clock position’ in relation to the blanket cylinder, which means the sheet can be fully printed before it is transferred.

"In presses where the cylinders are not set in a seven o’clock position, the sheet has to commence its transfer towards the next unit while it’s still being printed. That’s where you can disturb the image, either by distorting the dot or creating a shock mark," says Handforth.

How does it differ from other presses in the manufacturer’s range?
"You can look at it as a having the same spec as the Ryobi 750, but with a smaller footprint," says Handforth. 

It retains the 750’s unit-by-unit design with double-sized impression and transfer cylinders in a seven o’clock formation, but has a 26% smaller footprint. To achieve this, the manufacturer has shortened the delivery length using a semi-high pile delivery system. It has also mounted the off-press control above the delivery system, so there is no freestanding off-press area.

While at its top speed of 13,000sph, the 760E is 2,000sph slower than the entry-level 780E and the 750, both of which are rated to 15,000sph (or 15,500sph "on special request") Handforth points out that this is a response to changing needs.

"The slower speed and semi-high pile delivery are a reflection of the growth of shorter runs in the market, which mean a high running speed is not essential," he explains.

Who is it aimed at?
The press is targeted at commercial colour printers who need a short-run B2 machine to print a range of products including leaflets, flyers and posters. 

"Not every printer has space for a full-size multicolour B2 press. It could also be suitable for a B3 printer who is looking at moving up in sheet size but doesn’t have the floor space," says Handforth.

How easy is it to use?
The press uses ‘smart inking systems’, which prepare the machine for jobs by presetting ink ducts and ink sweeps before they come on to the press. "This means the job gets up and running with minimal waste," says Handforth.

Semi-automatic plate changing allows for plate changes of 40 seconds per unit, contributing to fast makeready times.

What’s its USP?
As well as having a smaller footprint, Ryobi says its press uses less power than rival machines. "Compared to some of the competitors, you could be looking at power savings of approximately 18%-20%," claims Handforth.

What support is on offer?
The 760E comes with a standard 12-month warranty. Apex Digital Graphics is based in Hemel Hempstead, and supplies spare parts and service engineers in the UK and Ireland. "We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, so we’ve got a very established network of engineers and spare parts distribution," says Handforth.

How much does it cost?
The 760E is not yet on the market (and consequently there is no star rating) but Handforth says a five-colour press could cost less than £400,000. "There has been an increasing number of enquiries from a wide range of UK printers who are looking for B2 presses," he adds.


Max speed 13,000sph
Max sheet size
Max substrate thickness 0.06mm
Price less than £400,000
Apex Digital Graphics 01442 235236


Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 74
Launched at Drupa, the SX sits between SM and XL ranges in terms of price and performance. It boasts a 30% productivity boost on the SM 74 workhorse by incorporating some XL technology.
Max speed 15,000sph
Max sheet size 740x530mm
Max substrate thickness 0.6mm
Price from £207,135 (two colour)
Contact Heidelberg UK 020 8490 3677

KBA Rapida 75
The Rapida 75 is faster than the Ryobi machine, but also carries a larger price tag.
Max speed 15,000sph
Max sheet size 530x750mm
Max substrate thickness 0.08mm
Price five-colour machine with coater: from £550,000
Contact KBA UK 01923 819922

Komori Enthrone 29
The Enthrone has a stepless operator-side design and a small footprint. It includes double-sized impression and transfer cylinders for consistent performance on short runs.
Max speed13,000sph
Max sheet size 530x750mm
Max substrate thickness 0.04–0.06mm
Price £375,000 (four-colour)
Contact Komori UK 0113 823 9200


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