Star product: Heidelberg Diana Go 85

Nessan Cleary
Monday, July 8, 2019

A flexible, yet cost-effective, folder gluer.

What does the machine do?
It’s a folder gluer, aimed at commercial and packaging printers. It fills out the Diana series with a more budget conscious model. Paul Thompson, Heidelberg’s product manager for postpress packaging machinery, says: “As we have not compromised on the build of the machine and have stuck with the true proven values of the Diana brand, the machine is suitable for materials from 200-600 gsm solid board, E flute corrugated and some paper stocks, subject to testing.”

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
The Diana Go is built by Heidelberg’s Chinese partner Masterwork to Heidelberg’s specifications. It was introduced in March during an open house event at the Masterwork folder gluer manufacturing plant in Europe. Thompson says: “Our target market will be varied as the machine has the ability to address the requirements of many sectors. For example, it would be ideal for packaging printers looking for a straightline folder gluer or for short-run pharmaceutical carton production or perhaps integration into a digital production department. We wanted to produce a suitable machine for non-traditional folding carton producers with limited space and budget – for example, commercial printers looking towards folding carton production, or needing to upgrade their existing pocket folding machines.”

How does it work?
It can run a wide range of carton styles such as straightline and lockbottom as well as document wallets, envelopes, CD sleeves and some special applications, depending on the size of the product and the number of folds. It can handle odd-shaped boxes and there’s an option for blank alignment.

How does it differ from previous models?
The Diana Go is a brand new machine and as such is not replacing another model, but is aimed at giving good all-round performance at a reasonable price. The rest of the range includes the highly automated Diana X, aimed at the high-quality packaging market, Diana Smart aimed at the medium performance market, and Diana Easy for the low to middle performance segment.

How fast/productive is it?
The Standard machine can run at 250m/min but this can be upgraded to 300m/min, which Thompson points out is more than most cartons can be run through a gluer at. He adds: “However, the main focus on productivity would be centred around the ease of set up and waste reduction during set up. We have customers wanting to run very short-run work so setting the machine with a handful of cartons is now a requirement.”

What is the USP of the product?
Thompson says that it will cross a few machines, from pocket folders to folder gluers, with the main advantages being proven technology, for short set-up, based on a solid foundation, backed up by Heidelberg’s support network. He adds: “I don’t think we should underestimate the importance of using proven technology without compromise in quality – it’s a Heidelberg machine and it’s built to last.”

How easy is it to use?
Thompson says Heidelberg has aimed to ensure the Go is easy to operate, knowing it will be used in non-carton manufacturing sites. This includes the ergonomic machine design and its use of technology such as servo drives. It offers the ability to mount items such as bars, hooks and attachments all the way down the machine.

What training and service support is offered?
Heidelberg UK offers training at a customer’s site, tailored to each customer’s needs. This is backed a by a specialist team from the head office in Germany. The firm has ensured its service team are fully trained on the Diana Go, and it has a good stock of spare parts in its logistics centres around the world. Heidelberg offers service contracts for both new and existing equipment.

How much does it cost?
The Diana Go starts at just under £150,000, although Thompson stresses this is dependent on the configuration of the machine and therefore the price range could be fairly broad. The price includes installation and one week’s training.

How many are installed currently worldwide and in the UK?
Thompson says that the first machines are on order and due to be delivered in the next few months. Heidelberg is in discussion with several commercial and packaging printers in the UK and Ireland.

Max speed 250m/min (300m/min optional)
Max carton 600gsm
Corrugated type Up to F-flute
Min carton width 75mm
Max carton width 850mm
Machine length 9.9m
Price From around £150,000
Contact Heidelberg UK 0844 892 2010


Bobst VisionFold 80
Bobst describes the VisionFold series as being all-round machines for producing straight line, crash lock 4 and 6 corner cartons and many variations upon these styles.
Max speed 350m/min
Corrugated type N, F, E flute
Min carton width 126mm
Max carton width 800mm
Price N/A
Contact Bobst UK and Ireland 01527 519 700

Bobst Ambition 76
Bobst also sells the Ambition series of folder gluers, available in 50, 76, 106cm widths. It can be adapted to produce micro flute and clear packaging.
Max speed 300m/min
Corrugated type N, F, E flute
Min carton width 126mm
Max carton width 760mm
Price N/A
Contact Bobst UK and Ireland 01527 519 700

Brausse Forza 900
Brausse produces the Forza range for sheets up to 650mm wide, and the larger 1100. It’s a modular machine with a number of possible configurations.
Max speed 320m/min
Corrugated type Up to E-flute
Min carton width 126mm
Max carton width 900mm
Price £148,400
Contact ipack solutions 0161 428 8396

Boomerang Boomer 6
IPack also sells the Boomerang range of folder gluers from the Korean company MBM. The largest is the Boomer 6, which is smaller than the Diana Go, but also cheaper.  
Max speed 250mpm
Max carton 800gsm
Corrugated type N, F, E flute
Min carton width  23mm
Max carton width 650mm
Machine length 6.9m
Price £94,000
Contact ipack solutions. 0161 428 8396

Vega Aquila 82
Vega produces a number of cost-effective folder gluer machines, covering conventional and digital and various widths and capacities.  
Max speed 400mpm
Max carton 600gsm
Corrugated type N, F, E flute
Min carton width 116mm
Max carton width 820mm
Machine length 12.2m
Price N/A
Contact GTS (Europe). 01622 873187


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