Star product: Foliant Taurus 530NG 4x4

Simon Eccles
Monday, June 11, 2018

A fast and simple laminating system that can handle single- and double-sided jobs up to B2.

What does the machine do?

It is the latest industrial laminator from Czech manufacturer Foliant, with a 530mm width giving it an effectively B2 sheet handing ability, although longer sheets can be accommodated. The optional 4x4 version has twin feeds and roller systems to laminate both sides in one pass. As with most modern laminators it can handle thermal films but the heaters can be switched off for cold pressure-only films. 

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?

It was initially announced at Ipex last November. Lee Fowler, regional technical sales manager at UK distributor IFS, says the market is “printing or finishing houses with a requirement for double-sided and single-sided lamination up to B2, looking for a fast and simple laminating system.”

How does it work?

The laminating process is handled by two separate laminating stations, one for the top side of the sheet and the second for the reverse side. 

Fowler explains: “Typically in the past double-sided laminators featured a single set of upper and lower heated rollers only and film is applied to both sides using only a single set of rollers, but this method does not give 100% quality to the second side lamination. 

With the ‘4x4’ process the same quality is achieved at both sides of the sheet and means that due to higher quality, higher speeds can be achieved. 

“Typically on a non 4x4 double-sided laminator it requires the lower roller to be cooled down when changing over from double-sided to single-sided. This can cost a downtime of one to two hours. So on-demand services can become impossible. With the new 4x4 system the user can instantly disengage the second laminating station and continue with single-side lamination with no delays.”

‘Non-stick’ nip pressure rollers mean inks, paper, toner or film will not stick to the rollers, saving many hours of regular cleaning, Fowler adds.

New automation features include ‘intelligent re-loading’, which as the feeder empties, automatically stops the machine in the correct position, then the feed table lowers for the operator. After re-loading the machine re-starts with minimal waste and no setup. Options include a foiling module (which applies hot foil onto toner print), pallet stacker, film loading unit and anti-static devices. “Foiling has become a very popular process, the foiling allows the user to really add value to their print service,” Fowler says. 

How does it differ from previous models?

The ‘NG’ Models are the next generation from Foliant. Fowler says: “This generation feature the highest level of automation to date and are all manufactured to the high level of ‘GS’ Geprüfte Sicherheit (‘Tested Safety’), certification.” This shows that equipment meets German and European safety requirements.

How fast is it?

Speed is up to a maximum of 40m per minute, equivalent to 3,300 B2 or 7,500 SRA3 per hour. 

What’s the USP?

Fowler lists the combination of the main features: dual laminating stations, non-stick rollers, easy setup, film airshafts for fast load/unload, dual de-curl, as well as the options available. “It makes double-sided laminating fast and simple,” he says. 

How easy is it to use?

“Due to the interactive icon guidance set up the Foliant system is a very simple machine to operate,” Fowler says.

What training and support is on offer?

“We offer a full training programme with every machine installed to ensure the customer is getting the most from their investment,” Fowler says. IFS has an internal support team and 18 field-based technicians. Maintenance packages and service agreements are offered.

How much does it cost?

From £53,000 before options. 

How many have been installed?

Three so far in the UK since the Ipex launch, says Fowler. 


Max speed 40m/min 

Max sheet size 530x750mm (XL Module handles sheets up to 1m long)

Min sheet size 300x250mm

Paper weight range 115-60gsm

Overlaps accuracy +/- 2 mm

Warming up time 8 min

Temperature range 80-140°C

Feeding system Suction feeding head

Max feeder height 540mm

Pallet stacker (manual) Optional 65cm capacity 

Foliant Foiler Optional 

Foiler speed 3,400sph B2 

Price £53,000

Contact Intelligent Finishing Systems 020 8997 8053 


D&K Europe Europa PB

Europa PB was developed for photobook applications where an identical finish is required on both sides of the sheet, so it uses separate top and bottom laminating stations, each with a heated chrome roller and rubber nip roller. There’s an optional rewind unit for foiling. Other versions of the Europa include single-sided and EL (single-sided with embossing). Foiling is optional. There are faster Jupiter B2 and B1 models with the same configurations.

Max sheet size 540x740mm (option for 880mm, 950mm and 1,050mm lengths)

Min sheet size 205x220mm

Max laminating width 530mm

Speed Up to 20m/minute

Temperature range 70-140°C

Film range 25-42microns

Price £35,000

Contact D&K Europe 01527 520073

Autobond Mini 53 TPH

This is a higher priced alternative to the Foliant, but faster. However the perfecting option doesn’t use twin laminating units. TPH stands for Thermal Perfector Heidelberg, indicating the use of a Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 feeder. Fast response water circulation is standard, but electrical heaters are optional for users who don’t have easy access to drains. Hot or cold foil units can be added, as can Autobond’s inline UV spot varnish system.

Max sheet size 530x75omm

Min sheet size 320x22.5mm

Max speed 50 m/min

Paper weight range 115 gsm to 650gsm

Max feeder pile height 1.1m

Speed 60m/min

Price About £80,000

Contact Autobond 01773 530 520 

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