Star product: Duplo DC-745e

Jon Severs
Thursday, August 4, 2011

A slitter-cutter-creaser designed with the web-to-print market in mind

What does the machine do? The DC-745e is a slitter-cutter-creaser built for the digital market. It can perform up to 10 slits, 20 cuts and 15 creases all in one pass and, according to Duplo marketing manager Andy Pike, it "eliminates white borders and toner cracking on fold lines, producing professionally finished documents in a matter of minutes". Using a barcode, a sheet can be cut, creased, perforated and scored with just one button.

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at? It was launched at DigiMedia in Germany in April this year. The UK unveiling will be held at Duplo’s annual London Calling event later this year, although the machine can already be seen at Duplo’s HQ in Esher. It is aimed at web-to-print customers.

How does it work? "Using the machines intelligent barcode and register mark reader, the user simply places the printed sheets into the feed tray and hits the green button," says Pike. "As the sheet is processed, the barcode on the sheet informs the machine where to put all of the required cuts, creases and perforations." Before processing the sheet, the registration mark ensures the job is cut and creased precisely by taking measurements from the printed document itself, rather than the edge of the sheet, which Pike says ensures accuracy is consistent by eliminating any image drift from the press. The slitting wheels move into position and the sheet is passed through the machine, stopping where necessary to add creases and cuts. The automated stacker then collects the finished job ready for dispatch.

How does it differ from previous models? The DC-745e was developed to be faster and more versatile than its predecessor, the DC-645e. In terms of relative speed, it operates at a minimum of twice the speed, but can run up to four times faster thanks to the advanced barcode scanning system. "One of the most exciting developments is to do with the wider range of applications that can be created," says Pike. "The DC-645e has a minimum application length of 85mm (the length of a business card), however, the DC-745e can handle applications as small as 48mm. The DC-745e also has a wider range of options, including micro-perforation and slit-scoring, allowing card manufacturers to achieve a flat card by scoring cards with a slit prior to folding."

How productive is it? It has a top speed of 50 sheets per minute, but Pike says actual speed is dependent on the application; a job with more creases or cuts will take slightly longer to finish. Cutting 4-up greetings cards from an SRA3 sheet for example runs at approximately 30 sheets/min.

What is the machine’s USP? Pike says the machine has a number of unique features, but automation is its real key. "Unlike any other creasing and cutting device, it can seamlessly switch between a run of business cards, to greetings cards, to an A4 folded brochure without any human interaction; it’s perfect for any web-to-print driven business," he explains. "Also, there are multiple machines on the market that combine parts of the finishing process, but the real key is converting a flat sheet to a finished document at the touch of a button. Limiting the number of times work needs to be handled, greatly reduces risk of errors, and greatly increases productivity."

How easy is it to use? The barcode scanning system reduces complexity to the level of just pushing a button.

What training is available? After installation, full operator training is provided onsite.

How much does it cost? The unit is available for £83,250.

What is the sales target? "We’re confident of its success," says Pike. "The sales target for 2011/12 across EMEA territories is 50 units, with the UK typically making up 25% of the sales."

Max speed
50 sheets/min (A4, four-trim and crease)
Max substrate size
Max substrate thickness
Max number of cuts/slits/creases
20 cuts, 15 creases up to 10 slits (6 as standard)
Duplo International 01372 478 221,

"The DC745 offers greater speed, productivity and versatility within the finishing department. It not only processes jobs faster, but also finishes a wider range of products in a single pass" (4/5)
Andy Cuff digital operations manager of Alderson Digital

Morgana Systems CardXtra Plus
Morgana doesn’t have anything that directly competes at this price/performance level, but says users with lower throughput demands and smaller budget might consider the Card XtraPlus device, which can accomplish many of the same functions at a lower cost. It can take SRA3 sheets, trim them to A3 and crease them to produce finished A4 four-page brochures. It can also finish a job to A4 that can then be creased to make four-page A5 leaflets or multiple creases for a wide variety of applications. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm and there is also an optional perforating unit.
Max speed 7 (20-up) sheets per minute
Max substrate thickness 0.4mm
Max sheet size SRA3
Price from £14,000
Contact Morgana Systems, 01908 608888


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