Star product: Diecut Goldline

Pamel Mardle
Thursday, September 6, 2012

A manual die-cutter that is capable of cutting every type of solid substrate

What does the machine do?

Diecut Goldline is a manual die-cutter that cuts every type of solid substrate from corrugated and display board to rigid PVC and foam-centred board. It offers kiss-cutting for self-adhesive vinyl and is the only manual die-cutter to still employ a dwell timer, according to Diecut UK managing director Steve Waterhouse.

There are eight standard sizes in the Goldline series, running from GL1-890 to GL1-2700 to correspond with the maximum sheet width handled. These can cut and crease at speeds from 700sph and up to 1,500sph for the smaller machines (890mm and 2,700mm respectively).

When was it launched and for whom?
The Diecut Goldline was introduced on 21 June. It is aimed at the corrugated, carton and commercial printers and print finishing industry as a safer alternative to traditional clamshell platen technology.

How does it work?
The machine uses a pneumatic clutch and brake system, which boosts cutting force. The substrate is manually placed on a hard steel cutting plate, which is shuttled into the press section to stamp out the die before returning to its original position. "It’s extremely simple and is as fast as the operator wants," says Waterhouse.

It can be used on continuous mode with variable speed control, single punch mode or on a dwell time of eight seconds.

How does it differ from previous products?
Waterhouse compares the makeready process on the Diecut Goldline as "like changing an oven tray". Instead of changing tooling by gaining access to the metal jaws on traditional hand-fed platens, the printer slips the Diecut Goldline’s chase out of the rear of the machine at the touch of a button, enabling operators to fix tooling in position externally and push it back into place. This significantly reduces the danger posed to operators, especially if the machine is set on a dwell timer.

The flatbed set-up ensures that pressure is equal across the surface of the platen, giving a consistent finish, he adds. In the absence of comrods, the press is pushed up towards the die to maintain greater pressure, thus enabling operators to cut more intricate jobs on harder substrates.

What is the USP of the product?
Waterhouse wanted to ensure that Diecut UK had safety in mind as an imperative feature when developing the product.

"Over nearly 20 years of selling hand-fed platens and hearing about all the various accidents, we sat down and felt that we must be able to come up with a modern solution for a manually-fed platen," he says.

How easy is it to use?
Waterhouse compares operating the Diecut Goldline to buying a new mobile phone: "When you first get it, you don’t have a clue what to do with it and after a week you know everything."

What are the training and service options?
Installation takes one week, during which employees are trained for three days. The training package is provided free-of-charge during set-up, and again at the customer’s request for a negotiable price based on service engineers’ daily rate.

Diecut UK offers breakdown cover that ensures its team of engineers will be on-site within 24 hours. The team deals with problems, factory installs and removals.

What is the sales target?
Waterhouse sys that he has taken two further orders on top of the SMP Group’s beta-test model. He adds that, though the product is a recent launch, Diecut UK’s enquiry book is full with demonstrations of the Diecut Goldline throughout 2012.

Diecut UK’s research and development team is currently creating the world’s largest die cutter for an undisclosed customer, Waterhouse claims, which can handle sheet sizes up to 3,000x1,800mm.


Speed Up to 1,500sph
Max cutting size 2,700x1,700mm
Max media thickness 12mm
Cutting force 500 tonnes
Price From £25,000
Contact Diecut UK 0161 955 3665

Youngshin Giant series
While these are semi-automatic machines, they are more suitable for longer-run work and have in-built knuckle systems for maximum cutting pressures to handle corrugated board. All machines can be offered with an inline feeder and can be upgraded to a fully automatic configuration.

Speed    Up to 2,000sph
Max cutting size     2,500x1,690mm
Media thickness    1.5-11mm
Cutting force    350-500 tonnes
Price    From £210,000
Contact    Youngshin Europe 0161 2466788



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