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Pamela Mardle
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Online document editing software for packaging


What does the product do?
Chili Publisher 3.0 is an online document editing engine sold typically to printers, designers and advertising agencies to provide the service on their web portal for corporates and end-users.

Customers range across the graphic arts, pre-media print management and packaging sectors. Chili Publish co-founder Bram Verniest says: "It is not a technical product to design packaging, but it allows users to design the text and images that will be featured on packaging."

Customers will already have a web-to-print e-commerce platform and need a portal to allow end-users to view and edit their document online.

When was it launched?
Version 3.0 was announced at Drupa 2012 and made commercially available in June. Customers currently using previous versions received the new application via email download at the time of going to press.

How does it differ from previous versions?
The latest product has an accompanying application to enable users to view it on tablets with HTML 5 browser. Version 3.0 also has 3D folding, which creates 3D documents on screen for users and integrators. End-users can visualise how the 2D design will look once their product is folded. Verniest says: "It’s always beneficial, if for example you are doing the graphic design for a box, to be able to visualise that editorial content on the box."

What is the USP of the product?
Version 3.0 enables users to present figures in a table structure, which Verniest said is not available on any other online document editing system.

In addition, Chili Publisher has been designed to be easily integrated with other third-party products, such as workflow or e-commerce software. This is central to Chili’s partnership approach, which has already resulted in deals with PHPro and Agfa.

Verniest says: "We are only focused on a quality document editor. Some of our competitors can become our customers, as they have to maintain a product that is much bigger than ours and could replace their editor with Chili Publisher. It is the desktop publishing application for the online world."

How much does it cost?
Chili Publisher is sold with a one-off licence for £35,000 and service providers can integrate the product with their MIS to create applications to suit their customers’ needs. Customers can use this licence to set up as many e-shops as they like by hosting the solution with one licence on their server, but discounts are offered to customers buying more than one licence.

A 20% annual maintenance charge is also incurred, which covers service and upgrades.

How easy is it to use?
The front-end document editor is made simple for the end-user to access, but Chili Publisher customers will need their own developer to integrate the system into their workflow.

What training is provided?
Chili Publish offers training for the templating side of the system, showing customers how to convert a template into the Chili Publisher system.

Developers are also offered assistance with integrating the product into their workflow system.

How many are installed worldwide?
The company has sold 60 licences worldwide since version 1.0 was launched two years ago.

Verniest says: "Since Drupa, we are growing very fast and we are looking for new countries to supply. We signed a contract with a Brazilian distributor during Drupa and have a distributor in the US, so we are getting up to speed now. We have more than doubled the sales we predicted when we started the company so we have to re-evaluate our targets."


£35,000 one-off cost plus  20% annual fee
Workflowz 01276 685295

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