Ryobi 784E

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hulbert Press sales director Carol Burnett didn't think twice about sticking with Ryobi equipment when taking the B2 plunge.

What is it?
It’s a B2-format press and ours was the first UK installation.

Why did you decide to buy a B2 press?
We had examined how we were going to grow our business and a move up from B3 to B2 seemed to make a lot of sense. While some of our competitors in this area have expensive long perfectors, the hourly charge for these machines meant there was a gap in the market for general commercial short- to medium-run B2 work and we wanted to fill that gap.

Why did you choose the Ryobi?
We already have two other Ryobi B3 presses. We wanted to expand our current offerings to our customers so when we were looking, a B2 Ryobi was our starting point. Apex picked up on the fact that sometime down the road we were looking at a B2 and, knowing the nature of our business, it brought in the details of the 784E. The biggest decision maker was floor space because it’s a compact machine. Apex took us to Germany to see the machine in action and it seemed to provide everything we needed, including a small footprint, which was essential given the space availability in our current premises.

Did you look at any other similar systems?
We looked at all the other major brands in the market before opting for the Ryobi.

What features do you particularly like about it?
Its compact size, because we were short on floorspace. And also the familiarity with the product, because we already run Ryobi kit anyway.

How easy is it to use?
The machine is very easy to use and the printed results are exceptional.

How fast is it?
It’s very quick: it can print up to 15,000 sheets per hour.

How reliable is it?
We had a few initial problems, but we put these down to new machine issues, and installation and set-up problems.

What’s the quality like?
It is just superb.

Has it helped you win new work?
Yes. We recently won an exciting new client in the shape of a major stationery and writing products manufacturer, which wants us to print its high-quality Christmas wrapping paper on the new machine. This work will be printed on 90gsm stock and is for the luxury end of the gift-wrapping market. We could not have produced this work without the new four-colour machine.

Do you think it offers value for money?

Were there any difficulties experienced during or after installation?
There were a few teething problems, but other than that, everything’s been fine.

How good has the service been?
The service from Apex has been good throughout.

Would you recommend it to someone else?

User’s verdict
Speed 5/5
Quality 5/5
Reliability 3/5
Ease of use 4/5
Value for money 4/5

Supplier’s response
“We are delighted to have installed the first unit at Hulbert Press. The company has a long association with Ryobi machines and the 784E provides it with an excellent step up into the B2 market,” says Bob Usher, joint managing director of Apex Digital Graphics. “Ryobi has worked hard to ensure that it delivers a very high-specification machine for the price. Printers looking to invest
in a B2 press for the commercial market should certainly consider the value for money they can get with the 784E.”
Price £330,000
Contact Apex Digital Graphics 01442 235236


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