Swanline and Oppboga Bruk launch new water-resistant outdoor substrate

Richard Stuart-Turner
Friday, October 28, 2016

Swanline Paper and Board (SPB) has collaborated with Swedish paper mill Oppboga Bruk to launch a water-resistant outdoor display board that does not use a polyethylene (PE) coating to achieve its impermeable properties.

Cygnus Outdoor Display was launched earlier this month and is marketed exclusively in the UK under SPB’s Cygnus brand of packaging and display products.

The product contains up to 60% recycled fibre, is FSC certified and is 100% recyclable. Its 100% paper fibre composition is said to enable high resistance to moisture, even compared with less ecologically sound PE-coated alternatives.

The substrate is suitable for outdoor signage required for up to 12 weeks, such as election campaign signage or billboards, and does not require edge frames to protect the sheet sides from water ingress while in location.

Its potential for use in applications unrelated to outdoor signage, such as construction, horticultural and leisure industries, is also being explored.

Andrew Robinson, managing director of Oppboga Bruk, which is currently on a drive to expand its sales in the UK sign and display market, told PrintWeek: “Until today, the temporary outside signs and display market has been dominated by plastic substrates due to weather durability issues.

“If an end-user wanted to use a fibre-based material, they would need to put a PE coating onto the board to try and create that resistance to water. PE coating does this to some extent but it is not ideal from an environmental point of view.

“Moreover, you can still have problems with the edges because the board itself is often not water repellent, it’s just a surface protection, so you can get water seeping into the board and then it starts to deteriorate.”

He added: “The key difference is that our board is water-resistant without PE coating so it’s a completely green solution for outdoor signage because there’s no plastic or PE element. It’s also FSC certified and biodegradable.

“This means once it has served its purpose as a sign or a display, you can put it in your general waste, unlike fossil fuel-based products such as PVC which are not biodegradable and often end up in landfill.

“It’s also got a very high stiffness so we can offer equal performance but at a lower thickness, which means you’ll get more sheets per tonne or need less weight per 1,000 sheets and that reduces your product transport and storage costs.

“At the same time, it’s got a very smooth surface on both sides and is coated on both sides so it gives you excellent printability.”

Cygnus Outdoor Display can be screen, offset or digitally printed and is available in calipers of 830, 1,500 and 2,200 microns in bespoke or stock sizes up to 1.7x3.6m.

Swanline Paper and Board managing director Ross Griffin said: “The partnership between Oppboga and SPB demonstrates our commitment to develop, implement and market eco-friendly alternatives without compromise on quality and cost.”

SPB, the materials division of trade printer Swanline Print, has also recently invested in an Esko Kongsberg C24 cutting table.


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