MBO upgrades T800.1 control unit

Richard Stuart-Turner
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

MBO has upgraded its T800.1 buckle folder with the addition of a new control unit.

Distributed by Friedheim International in the UK, the M1 control unit will be supplied as standard with all new orders of the B1 format T800.1.

The M1 has been specifically designed for its simple and structured operator guidance and is said to facilitate intuitive working, with performance data, operating statuses, history and many other parameters displayed based on icons. The control also includes a router for the RAS remote maintenance software.

The M1 control unit is available in two variants; Basic and Advanced. In the case of the M1 Basic the first folding unit of the T800.1 has an adjustable 10in touchscreen. Additionally, the first folding unit is equipped with sheet monitoring by means of optical sensors.

Basic functions such as Start, Stop and Production can be carried out at the subsequent folding units using the M1 Basic while the speed of the folding units is set manually.

With the M1 Advanced control each of the T800.1 folding units has a touchscreen. As all screens show the same interface, full operation of the folding machine from every folding unit is possible.

The touchscreen on the first folding unit is 15.6in while all subsequent folding units boast a 10.1in screen.

MBO said that with the M1 Advanced control, the operator is optimally supported when setting up a new job.

Common standard buckle types are preconfigured in Quick Mode while every technically possible variant can be put together in Expert Mode, which automatically prevents incorrect operation. Optimal sheet gaps and speeds are calculated automatically and set in all folding units.

The M1 Advanced control also features sheet monitoring across folding units, which includes sheet length control and sheet-monitoring using sensors. If the sheet is too long or does not pass a sensor, the machine stops and sheet running jams are displayed in plain text.

The M1 Advanced control is also compatible with Datamanager 4.0, a software package for production planning and analysis which contains a folding imposition catalogue that supports the user during setup.

Friedheim International national sales manager for post-press Stuart Bamford said: “The T800.1 is a real workhorse, it’s a really productive folding machine and this enables further automation to be added with the software available.

“It’s also futureproofed, so if a new development comes out by MBO they can upgrade the M1 control [to add the new capabilities].”

The M1 control unit variants have replaced the MC- and Navigator control versions that were featured in previous T800.1 models.

Pricing for the T800.1 starts from £80,000 and the new version with the M1 control unit will be priced in line with previous models that used the older control units.


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