Global Graphics launches new inkjet screen apps

Rhys Handley
Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Global Graphics Software is endeavouring to iron out the kinks of inkjet printing with the release of two new screen software applications that improve performance on a range of substrates.

Pearl is designed by Global Graphics to avoid the "streaking" effect common on inkjet
Pearl is designed by Global Graphics to avoid the "streaking" effect common on inkjet

Launched last month, the two screen packages, Pearl and Mirror, can be applied to any print workflow and are available for press vendors to add to their existing ranges of inkjet presses as well as those currently being developed.

Pearl is an application for advanced dispersed (FM/stochastic) screen printing, intended to improve printing on absorbent substrates, such as paper and corrugated board, for packaging and labels. Mirror is intended for use with non-absorbent flexible packaging substrates, such as plastic films and tin cans.

“We have worked on inkjet technology for the past few years, including the development of our Harlequin RIP,” said product manager Tom Mooney. “But we have customers with their own workflow who did not want to change their setup in order to incorporate our software – and these new developments function as add-ons.

“Testing with about a dozen vendors, we saw that it is all in the substrate and produced two solutions to the two distinct problems we perceived of absorbent and non-absorbent materials."

Pearl is designed to correct a tendency for streaking on absorbent substrates due to drops coalescing on the surface, especially in the case of mid- and three-quarter tones.

Mirror is designed with a microstructure, which counters the mottling, or 'orange peel' effect often seen when solid colours are used on non-absorbent substrates. It can also be used with dense inks such as metallics to stop the print interfering with the reflection of a shiny substrate.

Mooney said: “The products are named for the smooth finish and flat effect they facilitate on inkjet printing.

“While digital print quality is not yet up there with litho and other conventional methods, it is rapidly growing and improving. Manufacturers keep coming to us asking to help improve their quality and we are helping to bring inkjet closer to that with our products.”

Global Graphics will continue to work on a number of inkjet-related developments throughout 2018. The Cambridge-based UK wing of the firm employs 120 people and the international group saw revenue of €20.5m (£17.9m) last year.


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