Vpress smooths W2P with new Dynamic Editor

Jo Francis
Friday, November 27, 2020

Vpress has released a new version of its Dynamic Editor aimed at making web-to-print applications easier for non-expert customer users, improving printers’ profitability in the process.

Dynamic Editor v4.0: “intuitive and adaptive”
Dynamic Editor v4.0: “intuitive and adaptive”

Its new Dynamic Editor 4.0 is fully integrated with the developer’s Coreprint Digital Asset Management system.

Technical director James Hall said that the “intuitive and adaptive” features in the new version would “significantly reduce” the amount of time needed to support end-user customers.

"It will ensure that the files they send you will be bang on brand and technical specs each time – whether they come from a secretary in a medical practice through to a professional designer,” he said.

The new version has been in development for approximately eight months and includes 12 key features including an improved dynamic user interface, guidance on user tools, live resizable page thumbnails, better management of large text content, and speedier loading of complex multi-page templates.

There is no need to refresh the page after each field is edited and completed, “saving a significant amount of time and effort”.

“It’s available now and we have some users who are starting to build their new customer solutions using Dynamic Editor 4.0 at its core to give them the tech advantage over their competition,” explained global product manager Craig Smith.

The upgrade is included in some monthly package deals, or costs “less than £5,000 excluding VAT”, he added.

Some UK customers have already started using it.

“As it has only just been made available, we have customers who are still building templates for customers including a worldwide drinks brand using Dynamic Editor 4.0. We help train, support and even have a set of self-help videos for those customers wishing to implement, making it as seamless, quick and easy as possible to adopt,” Smith said.

Smith added that because it was housed within the Coreprint technology platform, Dynamic Editor 4.0 would also be fully integrated with “any MIS, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), procurement or prepress workflow”.  



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