The Magic Touch introduces sub £10k DTF system

Hannah Jordan
Wednesday, January 5, 2022

UK and Ireland digital image transfer equipment supplier The Magic Touch has added the Mutoh/STS VJ-628D desktop modular system to its ‘DTF Magic’ direct-to-film (DTF) portfolio.

The VJ-628D printer can be used on a table top
The VJ-628D printer can be used on a table top

Displayed at Fespa in October, the collaborative Mutoh/STS VJ-628D system combines the STS VJ-628D, which is based on Mutoh’s Valuejet 628 eight-channel printer chassis with Epson industrial printhead technology and the STS transfer and curing technology.

Priced at £9,000 for the system, this is an entry-level option for those looking to get into the custom apparel market, said The Magic Touch managing director, Jim Nicol. He highlighted the system’s cost-per-transfer feature which can produce work for as little as 4p per transfer.

“This is the first major manufacturer that has put something together like this and it offers people a fantastic opportunity. Interest has been phenomenal because being able to produce transfers at such a low cost is really attractive and can help printers attract new customers.

“The personalisation of clothing and workwear is just getting bigger and bigger every year, there is great repeat potential in it as well,” he added.

“It’s perfect for those who previously may have tried DTG but were restricted with the pre-treatment and the limited items that could be decorated and also commercial printers who want to offer personalised workwear to their existing customers,” he added.

The 630mm-wide VJ-628D printer can be used on a table top or a rolling stand and as part of the modular system the CMYK plus double hit white device prints directly to STS coated PET film using water-based inks from STS.

The printed image then has a powder adhesive applied using an automatic 'Shake and Bake' unit or alternatively, for auto cut-sheet or roll-to-sheet prints, the film can be cured at up to 95°C in a desktop curing oven.

DTF is suited to both white or dark textiles, offering a matt or gloss finish with no pre-treatment, cutting or weeding, or advanced technical knowledge required hence its suitability to new market entrants.

According to Nicol, the key advantage of DTF over DTG (direct-to-garment) is its compatibility with a wider range of materials such as non-treated cotton, silk, polyester, denim, nylon, leather and 50/50 blends, while DTG is suited to a more limited range.

The printer is driven by a bespoke RIP and offers a pre-production ‘cost-per-transfer’ feature enabling users to price each transfer to an exact cost.

“Having considered over the past 12 months the great response and uptake of DTF technology, combined with the success of those now using the process in production environments, we must ensure we are able to offer the right solution for specific customer needs,” said Nicol.

“The existing DTF600 printer is truly fantastic and offers real transfer production capabilities up to 15sqm/hr, but we strongly feel the size and space requirement is restrictive for many potential users. This new desktop option is perfect despite the slower production speed,” he added.

With stock of the new system expected to be available from The Magic Touch in mid-January, demonstrations via Zoom or in-person from its Dunstable showroom are currently available on request.


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