Renz UK introduces paper-based binding covers

Rhys Handley
Friday, August 31, 2018

Renz UK has added paper-based thermal binding covers from Bindomatic to its portfolio to help eco-sensitive customers move away from plastic covers.

The Bindomatic paper-based thermal binding covers look no different to their plastic counterparts
The Bindomatic paper-based thermal binding covers look no different to their plastic counterparts

Renz UK announced it would begin selling the frosted-finish product this month in an exclusive deal. While it is not an immediate replacement for some plastic products, it is hoped by Renz that existing Bindomatic customers will opt to phase out plastic covers in time.

The paper-based covers cost 5% more than their plastic equivalent, though Renz is confident that customers are willing to accept a higher price for the sake of sustainability.

Sales manager Paul Simpson said: “At Renz UK, we have a responsibility to make sure our offering is as green as it can be – anything that can be plastic-free should be. As such, this move is not intended to open up new markets in particular, but rather is aimed at current Bindomatic users in order to get them to make the change.

“Our HQ in Germany is actively working on eco demands from different parts of the world and we in the UK are just as active as anywhere else. We are looking at how to make the packaging and transport of our delivery as green as possible.

“Talking to our customers, it was established that they are happy to pay a little more in order to use a more sustainable product. Hopefully, it will replace the plastic cover.”

According to Simpson, the paper-based cover is aesthetically no different to a standard frosted plastic cover. It is available in a variety of colours.

Unlike those with plastic covers, documents using the paper-based cover do not need to be separated into their respective parts to be recycled.

Renz UK’s latest move in favour of more sustainable products comes shortly after the announcement that it would be the UK distributor for Belgium-based Argos’ F400 HD cold UV flood coaters, which it said are more environmentally friendly due to substrate temperatures never exceeding 25°C.

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