Renz launches new Argos HD coater in the UK

Rhys Handley
Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Renz has enhanced its portfolio of Argos Solutions machines, with the addition of the new F400 HD cold UV coater, which is now available in the UK.

The Argos F400 HD only uses 2g of coating per page
The Argos F400 HD only uses 2g of coating per page

Expanding on Belgium-based Argos’ family of cold UV flood coaters, the new machine is an HD version of the standard F400 and is available in a number of configurations priced up to £120,000.

Featuring a closed-lamp LED curing system, substrate temperatures never exceed 25°C, which means as little as 2g of coating is required per square metre. Renz said this is a significant cost saving compared with the coater’s competitors, which Renz said require up to 10g/sqm for an effective coat.

Renz sales manager Paul Simpson said: “The technology in the new machine presents the opportunity for a shinier, glossier HD finish on a variety of applications – specifically, we are targeting the growing photographic print market.

“Its running costs are much lower than the machines coming out of the Far East, which are open lamp systems that run much hotter and need more coating. With the new Argos machine, you need hardly any coating. However, that does not have an effect on the quality as quality comes from our curing process rather than the amount of coat.

“This leads to savings of up to 80% in running costs and, as this machine has no direct competitors coming out of Europe, it is an excellent way for printers to be able to offer something unique – adding value and product possibilities to their ranges.”

Argos’ F400 HD can handle sheets up to 400mm wide, though a 540mm version is available to cater for the B2 market. According to Simpson, the primary market that will be targeted is the large web-to-print companies that produce greetings cards and other on-demand photographic jobs, while the packaging industry would also be a key area of focus.

The machine will get its UK show debut at next month's The Print Show.

Released to UK markets at the start of August, it continues Renz’s relationship with the Belgian manufacturer – which is set to lead to the establishment of an Argos manufacturing operation in Renz’s native Germany.

Argos will seek to further develop its portfolio in the near future with the addition of a new spot UV coater.


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