Quadient launches iX series franking system in UK

Hannah Jordan
Monday, September 20, 2021

The new iX series franking system from Quadient features three models aimed at businesses that output low, medium and high mail volumes.

The iX-7 is for businesses turning over a mid- to high-volume of mail
The iX-7 is for businesses turning over a mid- to high-volume of mail

Available in the UK from today (20 September), the new iX franking machine range includes the iX-3, iX-5 and iX-7 models that can process letters at speeds of 45pm, 110pm and 175pm respectively.

The PC-driven devices all have package weighing platform options of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg or 35kg available, feature digital control panels and are integrated with Quadient’s S.M.A.R.T (shipping, mailing, accounting, reporting and tracking) mailing centre software.

The software allows users to view rates and services from the built-in screen and will automatically identify the cheapest and fastest delivery methods and assign printing permissions to those outside the mail centre. The in-built Royal Mail Mailmark compliance enables Mailmark postage discounts up to 29% versus stamps.

A Rate Wizard gives simple instructions for selecting the correct rate and class while the accounting support allows for specific accounts to be set up, tracking spending and enabling a chargeback system that helps companies to recoup their postage costs by billing customers.

The reporting function can produce scheduled postage expense reports, featuring colour graphs, by mail class, weight break, presort, ascending and descending register values, account/department, operator, cost centre, predefined or custom time periods and send to a designated recipient.

Free confirmation of delivery is provided through the tracking software with all tracked services IDs stored for up to 13 months, while customers are sent delivery email alerts to keep them informed.

Individually, the iX-3 is aimed at businesses with low mailing volumes, with a top processing speed of 45 letters/min and can handle envelopes from 89x127mm to 229x324mm. It comes with a basic price tag of £2,895.

The iX-5, which starts at £4,082, is a mid-level mail volume device that can process the same envelope sizes as the iX-3 but also features an optional label printer and a power-assisted hand-feed device option, with a processing speed of 75 letters/min, or 110 letters/min with an automatic feeder option. 

Finally, the iX-7 unit is for businesses turning over a mid- to high-volume of mail. It handles a maximum envelope size of 254x330mm, with the same minimum as the two smaller devices. Its mixed mail feeder has a top processing speed of 175 letters/min with a dynamic weighing speed of 110 postcards/min on its integrated dynamic scale.

The iX-7 can also be used with the standard weighing platform featured on the iX5, with top weights of 35kg, and can be specified with a power conveyor stacker and an extra label printer in addition to its existing printer. The iX-7 system has a starting price of £4,480 but could go up to £14,000 based on postal savings, resource, time and accounting resources required.

While the iX hardware is already available in the US and Europe, today’s launch features a pared-down version of the Smart software specifically for the UK market, Antony Coo, head of product marketing UK & Ireland at Quadient, told Printweek.

“The US Smart software is much more complex, with higher functionality for greater volumes. We have really simplified it down to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses and public sector organisations in the UK,” he explained.

Coo said that orders for the new devices could be fulfilled from its UK facility by the next day, depending on size and specification, while larger, more complex devices would come from its factory in France, shipping within four or five days.

“Organisations are all reviewing their communications processes and the number of parcels and letters being sent.

“It’s about understanding your complete communication process, rather than just your letters, and about giving control to your organisation by understanding how you are spending that money through one simple platform. It gives you ways to improve your efficiency and reduce costs,” Coo said.

“We don’t hide from the fact that mail volume is declining but physical mail still plays a very prominent part in all organisations communications. Royal Mail open rate stats show that the power of physical mail is increasing. There is digital mail lethargy and the doorstep space is becoming more powerful again.

“So we feel there will be good uptake of these devices particularly because of the features in the Smart software that is integrated. Franking machines can be limited in their capabilities because they are simply hardware, but the Smart platform futureproofs these devices with their functionality and future feature availability, which is all stored on the cloud,” Coo added.


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