Hunkeler unveils two new systems

Richard Stuart-Turner
Friday, June 11, 2021

Swiss paper processing specialist Hunkeler has launched two new systems aimed at offering its customers “unmatched levels of quality control”.

The WI8 Dynascan generates information on job lengths based on frame size
The WI8 Dynascan generates information on job lengths based on frame size

The W18 Web Inspection system delivers “excellent production monitoring and quality control features”, according to the manufacturer.

The kit enables users to check the quality and content of the print on each page, analysing factors such as colour, position, contour, smearing, jet-outs, and data validation.

The basic system is supplied with a Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scan-bar per side, and a 22-inch-wide multi-touch LCD operator monitor and controller box.

It works by scanning the entire width of the paper web, taking full speed, high-resolution images of the entire surface of each page and comparing these to an accurate sample to ensure quality and consistency throughout.

Also known as a ‘Golden Template’, this sample is achieved using Intelligent Print Inspection (IPI), which uses raw print data directly from the printer controller to the inkjet printheads.

IPI reads the data and generates a digital image that serves as a template for the system to compare with the print sample.

This checking method identifies printing quality and content errors at an early stage, allowing users to quickly amend the setup and reducing any downtime and waste materials later on in production.

The system can be integrated as simplex or duplex colour versions for the Hunkeler DP8 roll-to-stack perforation module, WM8 roll-to-stack unit, or CS8 roll-to-fold device with an external display, as well as with a printer integrated.

Hunkeler said its "stable and reliable" mounting for the CIS sensors means no adjustment or mechanical calibration is necessary, making installation easy for users.

Also new is the WI8 Dynascan option, which makes it possible for users to inspect dynamically, even with variable sheet length.

The Dynascan generates information on job lengths based on frame size, detecting this directly from TOF marks and therefore removing the need to read code.

Any unrecognised or unassigned lengths will also be scanned and displayed on the operator console, allowing users to inspect the job.

Both new systems are available immediately from Hunkeler’s exclusive UK and Ireland partner Friedheim International.


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