Star product: Lynx 320PQ

By Tim Sheahan, Wednesday 11 July 2012

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A super wide-format printer with diverse substrate capability



What is it?
The Lynx 320PQ is a roll-fed super wide-format printer that offers a print width of 3.2m and is produced by Belgian manufacturer Lynx Europe.

 What does it do?
Employing Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra Polaris Q printheads, the machine can achieve print speeds of up to 96sqm/hr and a maximum resolution of 1,600dpi.

Offering maximum output in two-pass production, the machine is capable of printing in two-, four-, six-, and eight-pass print modes. When using these modes, output speeds slow to 48sqm, 35sqm and 25sqm respectively.

The 320PQ can print using the company’s Bio organic inks. Lynx Europe claims that these inks retain all the benefits of solvent inks, in particular high UV and scratch resistance.

In addition, this printer provides a number of specialist tools to simplify production, such as a skip white function and the wave system, and an advanced infrared drying technique.

When was it launched?
Lynx Europe launched the machine at Fespa Hamburg in May last year. Since exhibiting at the event, Lynx Europe owner Peter Cornelis says the company has achieved a "growing success" across Europe.

How does it work?
The Lynx 320PQ prints using the Dimatix Spectra Polaris Q printhead, which can output at a drop-size of 15 picolitres. Cornelis says that this technology has proven its stability in high-throughput production environments and, when combined with the company’s Bio inks, offers "unique" production capabilities at up to 96sqm/hr.

Substrates the machine can print onto include flex material, vinyl, window film, polyester and other roll media

What markets is it aimed at?
Lynx Europe is aiming the Lynx 320PQ at small and medium-sized print firms that want to expand their business from wide- to super wide-format printing and open up new applications.

"Besides the uniqueness of this printer, the machine investment price in combination with the low ink price, gives customers a very quick return on investment," says Cornelis. 

How easy is it to use?
The Lynx 320PQ is marketed as an easy-to-use machine for several different reasons. "First of all, all electronics are easily accessible. Starting up the machine in the morning, does not take more than five minutes," says Cornelis.

He adds: "Due to the fact that the media feeding is a patented system, operators do not waste time with media that does not run smoothly."

How much does it cost?
The Lynx 320PQ has a total investment cost of €57,000, with Cornelis eager to point out that there are no additional costs or modules required other than the RIP, which must be purchased separately. Suitable RIPs are available from developers such as SAI, ColorGate and Ergosoft.

What are its sales targets?
The company recorded an impressive 22 orders in Belgium last year and 18 machines have been sold this year. All of this activity is helping to make sure Lynx Europe stays "extremely busy," according to Cornelis.

He is currently looking for UK distributors to increase the company’s reach, but elsewhere Lynx Europe is growing very fast  – with distribution strong in countries such as Sweden, France and the Netherlands. No customers were available to give a review due to the recent nature of the development.



Max print width
Max speed
Drop-on-demand Piezo head, Dimatix Spectra Polaris, 15pl
Lynx Europe +32 (0) 3 555 97 32



The combination of the Lynx 320PQ’s 3.2m print width and maximum output speed of 98sqm, coupled with an attractive €57,000 price-point, means like-for-like alternatives are few and far between.

However, here are two other machines that offer the same print width and roll-fed operation, but where other specifications may differ.

HP Scitex LX820 Industrial Printer
The HP Scitex LX820 is designed for the production of high-margin applications, such as POP displays, temporary textiles, customised wallpaper, interior decoration and vehicle wraps.

According to HP, the machine offers "outstanding image quality" with six-colour printing, up to 1,200dpi resolution on substrates 3.2m wide.

Max print width 3,200mm

Max speed 177sqm/hr

Resolution 1,200dpi

Price from £150,000

Contact HP UK 0845 270 4567

Mimaki JV5-320S
Available in a width of 3.2m, the JV5-320S is a grand-format printer that comes equipped with all of the features of the Mimaki JV5 technology.

The machine’s highest resolution setting is 1,440dpi and can create high resolution prints at 540x1,080dpi, printing at a speed of 42sqm.

Sign display work produced for up-close viewing can be printed at 540x720dpi at a speed of 60m2. The machine can feed heavy media rolls of 100kg.

Max print width 3,250mm
array of four staggered, drop-on-demand Piezo heads
Hybrid Services 01270 501900

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