Sun Chemical releases 'class-leading' offset inks

By Rhys Handley, Friday 07 June 2019

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Sun Chemical has launched a new range of high-performance UV/LED-curing sheetfed offset inks for the commercial print market.


Sexton: "What really differentiates the range is its performance and trouble-free printing"

SunWave Lumina is available now in the UK and Europe and is designed for “class-leading” performance, fast makeready and stable printing with minimal wash-ups.

Based on Sun’s UV resin system for fast, hard curing under UV-LED and low-energy mercury lamps, the inks are made to meet the ISO 12647 process standard for offset printing.

Marketing manager of energy curing products Jonathan Sexton said: “This is a premium LED curing product range designed for high productivity and quality, so while pricing for SunWave Lumina will be higher than that of our standard ink sets, it will provide additional value.

“SunWave Lumina represents a significant technological advance in terms of its printing performance and UV curing under a range of press types and conditions. It is particularly suited to UV/LED commercial and non-food packaging printing, including double-sided commercial printing.

“What really differentiates the range is its lithographic performance and trouble-free printing, enabling printers to maximise press capacity.”

Sexton said the inks would suit production environments which needed “highly-productive, reliable printing with minimum intervention” on all UV-LED and low-energy sheetfed printing presses.

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