EFI unveils latest generation of ceramic tile printers

By Rhys Handley, Tuesday 09 October 2018

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EFI has unveiled the fifth generation of its Cretaprint range, which it said offered tile producers the industry’s first smart printers for ceramics.


The fifth-generation Cretaprint machines were on display in Italy

The C5 and D5 models were launched at the Tecnargilla expo in Italy last month.

The new range features increased connectivity and advanced new software applications and replaces the fourth generation in the Cretaprint portfolio.

While boasting the same fundamental technology, the C5 model runs eight printheads for decoration and effects, while the D5 runs 12. The inkjet machines run at speeds up to 60m/min (linear).

“The new machines represent a qualitative leap into the future of ceramic tile printing with industry 4.0 capabilities and a new EFI e-D5 printhead that optimises printer performance by assuring better alignment and higher throughput speeds,” said EFI regional marketing manager Raimar Kuhnen-Burger.

“We have developed the new generation because the market was asking for steady improvements in performance and productivity, as well as industry 4.0 capabilities.

“The fifth generation of Cretaprint printers is constantly evolving as we will provide new software applications to further help daily operations as well as improve the printers’ interaction with the rest of the users’ portfolio.”

EFI’s new machines cover widths from 710mm to 1,100mm and make use of EFI’s Fiery proServer software for image processing and colour management. They are being offered alongside specialised Cretacolor ceramic inks and customer care service programmes to create an “ecosystem” of advanced tile printing capabilities for customers.

Developed in Spain, both new machines are now available across international markets.

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