HP unveils Indigo series enhancements

By Rhys Handley, Wednesday 08 August 2018

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HP revealed a number of enhancements for its Indigo presses at the IGAS exhibition in Japan in July, including a screen to increase sharpness and a silver ink for metallic applications.


The HP Indigo 12000 HD will be able to run an HDFM screen for added sharpness and fine detail

Headlining the new releases is the HDFM screen for the Indigo 12000 HD, which allows for the “random-like” distribution of ink dots in order to increase placement accuracy and eliminate rosette and moiré patterns. The FM screening technology is intended to suit users whose clients include professional photographers whose work depends on sharpness and fine detail.

Silver ElectroInk was also introduced at the show, for commercial print applications on the Indigo 7900. It is designed for single-pass applications of silver and a wide gamut of metallic colours on standard papers, saving the need to use metallic substrates.

Keren Yakolev, who oversees global market development for the HP Indigo project, said: “All customers who already own the HP Indigo 12000 HD press and any future customers are able to add these new features at no extra charge.

“Our ethos is about looking at how to print different, to change the way things are done and look at alternative ways to fulfil jobs – keeping an eye on what is driving the market.

“We want our customers to be both productive and innovative – and I believe they already are on a daily basis. These new additions will further allow us to help them take their jobs all the way from pre-production all the way through to post.”

Further additions revealed at the expo included new applications for its cloud-based PrintOS programme – including OEE for press productivity, Site Flow for end-to-end production management of high-volume orders and Color Beat for automated colour verification and monitoring.

Also added was the SmartStream Collage, an update of the Mosaic programme. On top of the capabilities of its predecessor, which automatically varies each individual application by randomising plugged-in patterns, it can process full images and vary their size, colour and positioning.

HP also introduced a series of brand protection measures for the Indigo 7000 series, which included UV Yellow and Blue ElectroInks, as well as further developments for anti-counterfeiting, track and trace and process control.

Every new addition will be available to worldwide markets by spring 2019, with the first western demonstrations expected at Print 18 in Chicago, US, from 30 September-2 October.

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