Massivit 3D to launch 'entry-level' 3D printer at Fespa

By Jez Abbott, Thursday 26 April 2018

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Large-format 3D print tech specialist Massivit 3D is using Fespa as a springboard for its European premiere of the Massivit 1500 Exploration 3D printer.


A 3D printed football player will be on display at Fespa

The 1500 and the flagship Massivit 1800 3D printers will be shown running live on stand, which will also host a number of high-impact 3D models produced on the machines to highlight some of the possibilities they offer.

The Massivit 1500 Exploration entry-level machine costs around €250,000 (£218,000), which is €100,000 cheaper than the Massivit 1800. The latter launched two years ago at Drupa and more than 60 have been sold to date.

“The new model is aimed at people who have not used 3D printing before but are keen to test a large-format machine for a lower price than the 1800,” said marketing director Isabelle Marelly.

“Resolution and build quality are the same. The only difference is the 1500 has one printhead and the 1800 two: it has double the capacity and you can print two objects at the same time.”

Marelly added: “Our customers are pushing creative boundaries with unique and highly visual signage and displays, which is a big draw for exhibitions, events, entertainment and advertising.

“Our technology enables large-format printers to differentiate their business by extending service offering and maximising campaign budgets to produce applications that genuinely turn heads.”

3D printed applications on display at Fespa will include a football billboard standing at 1.8m-tall. The football player model was produced in less than 20 hours.

Large-format specialist Andesign installed a Massivit 1800 at its West Midlands base three weeks ago to create bespoke 3D displays, prototypes and displays.

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