Elitron to premiere new Kombo TH capability at Fespa

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Friday 13 April 2018

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Italian manufacturer Elitron will use next month’s Fespa to host the global show debut of its latest Kombo TH enhancement.


The Kombo TH can now cut different materials simultaneously

The firm’s new software upgrade enables users to assign a specific job to each of the twin-head flatbed cutting system’s cutting heads, even when using different materials.

This development enhances the flexibility of the machine and speeds up operations that require the use of more materials sequentially, the manufacturer said, while also making short runs more profitable and easier to manage.

The Kombo TH has a work area of 3.15x2.05m and cuts at a maximum speed of 106 linear metres per minute. The machine’s Twin Cut software automatically balances the workload of each cutting head while a seeker system that automatically detects printed images enables jobs to be placed anywhere on the table.

Elitron marketing and PR coordinator Giacomo Zoppi said: “One big advantage of having two cutting heads is the flexibility of the application that the product can carry out.

“And with this development, you can either work with a focus on performance – if you want to finish the job sooner you would feature the same toolset in the multi-tool cutting head – or you can focus on flexibility by adding different toolsets to each of the two cutting heads so you basically have two cutting machines in one.

“If you have to produce display kits that very often involve different materials – maybe MDF or some wooden materials, plexiglass or Foamex – traditionally you have had to produce these by material, but in this way, you can produce by kit. It makes the operation much smoother and much easier to produce a single kit in a shorter time.”

Existing Kombo TH users can have their machines field upgraded to benefit from the new capability.

Elitron will also show its Kombo SDC+ 3.2 large-format digital cutter at Fespa, which will take place at Messe Berlin from 15 to 18 May.

First shown as a prototype at Drupa 2016 and then demonstrated at Fespa last year, the machine has a 3.2x2.1m bed and was developed for rolls of material such as textiles, banners, wallpaper and vinyl, but can also handle rigid materials.

“We’ve been exhibiting at Fespa for probably 10 years and we’ve constantly had good feedback from the trade fair. It’s an event that puts us in touch with our potential customers and is therefore very important to us,” said Zoppi.

Elitron machinery is distributed by Atech in the UK.

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