MagnaColours launches new glow-in-the-dark ink

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Wednesday 04 April 2018

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Water-based textile inks supplier MagnaColours has bolstered its range of special effects products for the screen printing industry with the launch of a new glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent ink.


MagnaPrint Glow FX produces intense, glow-in-the-dark print effects

MagnaPrint Glow FX is a ready-to-use printing paste created by MagnaColours for intense, glow-in-the-dark print effects. The product builds on the firm’s existing Glow ink, which will also remain available for those that wish to continue using it.

The product, which is commercially available with immediate effect, has no base colour so remains invisible under natural light, but when in the dark, the charged inks glow brightly in either green, light blue or aqua. This effect can last up to 15 minutes without additional exposure to natural or ultraviolet light.

MagnaColours marketing manager Paul Arnold said: “Glow FX is primarily targeted at t-shirts and other sports garments where a different effect is promoted within them. It’s a niche effect to give brands and screen printers an extra capability within their inks.”

The release of Glow FX follows a raft of other recent launches from Magna, including bleed blocking ink Migration Eliminator V2 and the UV-reactive MagnaPrint Invisible Ink.

Also, the two-tone pearlescent inks MagnaPrint MultiChrome Pearl and MultiShine, as well as the MagnaPrint Edge range, which facilitates easier printing of multi-coloured designs onto light- or dark-coloured garments.

MagnaColours aims to provide environmentally sustainable water-based alternatives to the chemical-based inks that are widely used throughout the screen printing industry.

MagnaColours’ inks are available in the UK through the company’s distributors, London Screen Service and SSIS.

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