Ebeam launches curing system for HP Indigo 20000 finishing

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Thursday 08 March 2018

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Ebeam Technologies has launched an electron beam curing system for the high-performance finishing of labels and flexible packaging materials printed on an HP Indigo 20000 digital press.


Ebeam's curing technology removes the need for photo-initiators

The company said the Ebeam Core 100/760, which is optimised for over-print varnish applications on the Indigo 20000, delivers numerous competitive advantages to users.

Ebeam curing is effectively instant and offers the production of safe indirect food-contact packaging, enabling fast time to all markets.

Ebeam said its curing system produces “an outstanding look and feel” with high-gloss, matt and soft-touch finishes that are scratch, tear, puncture and fade resistant, resulting in substantially increased package durability and abrasion resistance.

Finished materials have increased heat resistance, which enables heat-sealing to form pouches and, as it is a room-temperature process, heat-sensitive substrates can be easily cured.

The system can also be used to perform a Cast and Cure process, delivering hologram effects to make finished products stand out on store shelves.

Ebeam technology also removes the need for photo-initiators, making it suitable for use with food packaging as it removes the risks associated with their migration.

Furthermore, it offers other health, environmental and sustainability benefits, requiring very little energy and producing virtually no VOCs, Ebeam said.

The 100 in the product name stands for 100kV – as the electrons are accelerated at this max voltage – while 760 represents the maximum web width.

Ebeam Technologies business development manager Elsa Callini said: “The Ebeam Core 100/760 has an integrated shield roll for web support and, thanks to electron beam technology’s considerably lower energy consumption, is cost effective to operate.

“It cures an over-print varnish put on top of an already printed and dry HP Indigo job. So the speed and the curing capabilities of the finishing line are not related to that of the printing line.

“Adding finishing to an HP Indigo printed job is an option and there are several ways to do that. With Ebeam, the throughput of the finishing line can be up to 182m/min and the curing of the varnish itself takes milliseconds. This enables a fast time to market as downstream processes can happen immediately.”

The system is commercially available with immediate effect and can be purchased directly from Ebeam, which has offices in Europe, the US, China and Japan.

The firm said pricing of the system depends on volume and would need to be discussed with its sales staff.

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