Agfa Graphics launches Fortuna 11 software

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Thursday 01 March 2018

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Agfa Graphics has launched the latest version of its Fortuna security printing software.


Fortuna 11 includes the new Live Preview and Smart Stepper tools

A modular package for the digital design of security elements aimed at high-end security printers, Fortuna 11 can be used with both Windows 10 and Windows 7 environments and is commercially available with immediate effect.

The manufacturer said this product provides a way to skillfully safeguard counterfeit-sensitive documents and that the latest version focuses on enhanced user-friendliness, productivity and creative freedom.

It can be used to create unique designs to protect documents including drivers' licences, ID cards, passports, birth certificates, lottery tickets and diplomas.

Agfa Graphics business manager for security software Luc Bruyneel said new customers will be supplied with Fortuna 11 going forwards but that existing users of Fortuna 10 and other older versions out in the field will still be supported.

“Fortuna 10 is not being phased out as there are still customers that work with it, or an older version. But what we do with every software release is add some fixes and new functionality, so in that respect existing customers can upgrade their Fortuna to the latest version.”

New functionalities featured in Fortuna 11 include the Live Preview and Smart Stepper tools, while other updates enable the software to now run more smoothly with touchscreen computers and Wacom tablets.

Agfa Graphics Security Software Solutions product manager Quentin van den Hove said: “Security designs need extremely complex elements and with the new Live Preview the designer can see the end-result as it will be in real time [users previously had to check their designs in a separate preview window].

“This has some advantages as you can really see how it interacts with the rest of your design elements.”

He added: “Within this Live Preview we also built in the new Smart Stepper functionality, which enables users to undo and redo settings in different steps. So if you want to try out a couple of different settings and don’t know in advance what will give the best results, you can test some settings out and go backwards and forwards between them.

“It’s quite a handy tool as you can really tweak all the settings to get the exact results you need.”

Pricing of the Fortuna 11 software is dependent on the number of modules required by the user, Agfa Graphics said.

The manufacturer has also recently unveiled the new H1650i wide-format hybrid printer, an "accessible and cost-effective" addition to its Anapurna LED-UV family. Last year the company acquired Watford-based software developer and reseller Bodoni Systems.

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