GIS launches kit to support Fujifilm Dimatix Samba GMA heads

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Tuesday 20 February 2018

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Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has launched the new GIS Head Management Board (HMB-FD-GMA) to support the Fujifilm Dimatix Samba GMA printhead product line.


The GIS Head Management Board is based on GIS’s Ethernet platform

The company, which provides software and system components for OEMs and system builders, said an HMB-FD-GMA can drive up to four Fujifilm Dimatix Samba GMA printheads in either the 33 or longer 99 variants.

The HMB-FD-GMA is based on GIS’s Ethernet platform, which was first shown at Drupa 2016. It integrates datapath buffering, printhead management and fire waveform generation – all accessed via Gigabit Ethernet – and enables the full binary and greyscale capabilities of the Samba GMA printheads.

The system works in conjunction with the GIS Atlas Machine Control Services software (MCS), a server technology for managing the entire printing and sub-system process – from image to swathe conversion and integration of workflow through to print queues, transport and beyond.

The Samba GMA 33 and GMA 99 printheads are compact, low voltage, full silicon MEMS printheads designed for scanning applications such as textile, indoor signage, soft signage and high quality UV printing.

The printheads have a native resolution of 300dpi, 384 or 1152 nozzles and ink drop size of 5pl. They can jet a wide range of fluids including UV-curable, solvent and aqueous inks, and ink recirculation is directly behind the nozzle.

GIS is also offering a comprehensive range of ink delivery system components suitable for the controlled flow requirements of the Samba GMA product line.

GIS marketing manager Neil Stickland said: “The new Head Management Board for the GMA printheads is built on our new Ethernet platform, which is a different architecture that drives both the 33 and the 99 beyond the printhead specification.

“This has been in development for a while but it’s brand new on to the market this month. People come to us through referral and recommendation and because we’re well-established and known in the market – we’ve been around for over a decade now and our products are tried and tested.”

GIS also collaborated with Xaar on its Drupa-launched 5601 printhead, providing the drive electronics and ink system components for the printhead’s evaluation kit.

Last year the Cambridge-based company doubled the size of its production facilities, in line with staff expansion, but remained situated at the St John’s Innovation Park, where a number of other inkjet manufacturers are based.

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